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Beyond Pleasure (Part Two)

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With Jenny’s hands bound now, he sat up, looking at her perfection. He touched her nipples and felt her tense up. He could tell she was only being defiant because he had pissed her off. Deep down, she wanted this, and he was going to make it worth her while. Don’t Miss the part 1.

“Josh, stop”, she said, feeling angry over how weak she sounded.

Josh bent slowly and took her right nipple into his mouth, smiling when a moan escaped her lips. He slowly twirled his tongue around her nipple, feeling it get super hard. He switched to her other breast and gently teased her nipples. Her moan was getting more explicit now, and her breathing was becoming laboured.

“Tell me to stop now and I will”, He said.

When she didn’t say a word, he swept down and took her lips in a passionate kiss.

The kiss obliterated every thought. High on endorphins, his only desire was to touch her, to move his hands all over her body and feel her perfect softness. He savoured her lips and the quickening of her breath that matched his own. The intensity of the kiss made him hungrier for her. He left her lips and kissed his way down her collarbone and then to her navel. When he looked up, her eyes were closed as if lost in the intensity of his touch. He couldn’t wait to get inside her. He yearned for her warmth, but he knew he couldn’t rush this.

He slipped his hands into her pants and pulled down on it, revealing her neatly shaved lady parts. He could already smell her wetness; it was intoxicating.

Jenny was getting dizzy with anticipation. She could feel Josh’s mouth kissing her inner thighs. He would get close to her pussy, and just when she thought she would feel his tongue on her clit, he would descend back to her thighs with sensual kisses. He was teasing her, and she was losing her mind!

Just when she relaxed a bit, she felt a jolt of electricity as his tongue rested on her clit. He was doing unspeakable things to her, and she was beginning to lose her breath. The ceiling was starting to spin, and she knew a mind-blowing orgasm was coming. Then he stopped.

Josh could feel her climax building. He worked his tongue like an expert, flicking, licking and teasing her clit. He slipped a finger into her wet yoni, sliding in and out and maintaining balance with the pace of his tongue. He had told her she would beg him to let her cum. And that’s what she would do. He stopped when her breath was becoming ragged, allowing her climax to pass. He propped himself up to kiss her, letting her taste herself on his lips.

“Do you want me to stop?” He whispered sweetly to her.

“NO!” She almost shouted. “Please don’t stop.”

“Good girl”. He said, getting up from the bed.

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She watched him get his jeans off and then his briefs. His erection stared back at her in all its glory. He was perfect. His body, like a Greek god, stood towering over her and she took all of him in, her eyes worshipping his physique. Josh carried an 8-inch dick on him, one he knew how to use rather well. He got back on the bed and positioned himself just between her legs. Her juices were shimmering in the light, and he knew she was ready for him. She had been prepared since.

He held his member to her entrance, rubbing it on her clit, slowly at first, and then rapidly. Jenny’s moan rose so loud as she felt that same intense feeling of pleasure.

” Fuck, I’m cumming”, she screamed

” No, you’re not”, answered Josh as he stopped pleasuring her. “I told you. You will beg me to let you cum.”

“Please, Josh. I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me till I can’t walk. And please let me cum, please”, Jenny begged to feel tortured.

Josh smiled, enjoying his triumph in breaking her. ” As you wish, love”.

And then in obedience to her, he slid his length into her waiting hole. She felt so good around his shaft. He let out a slow groan as he began working his waist, going in and out of her. Slowly at first, and then faster. She called out his name like she was in hell and he was her saviour. His rhythmic pounding was getting her on edge. He was beginning to feel her pussy tighten around his cock and he knew she was going to cum. Then in a moment, he saw her eyes roll into her eyelids, and her body shook in convulsive fits, trembling as she let out a scream.

Jenny could not get her legs to stop shaking. She had never experienced such a release. Such intense, earth-shattering release. She could hardly tell where she was in that instant; then she felt his hands unbinding her from the bedpost. He kissed her so tenderly while she caught her breath and the shaking had subsided. Then like a flash of light, he flipped her over on all fours and found his way back into her Vag.

Once inside her, he didn’t move so she could adjust to the intrusion. He bent forward to kiss the curves of her back and spanked her ass. She lurched forward a bit from the shock of it. He smiled and started moving his waist. Soon, he was pounding her fast, eliciting passionate cries from her. He could see her squeezing on the bed sheets and biting on a pillow to muffle her moans. He liked what he was doing to her, and soon she pulled herself away from him, shaking on the bed vibrantly in her second orgasm.

Jenny thought she would pass out from the intensity of what she was feeling. She knew she had begged him for this, but she could get unconscious from this. He waited a while for her to gain her composure before he helped her back on all fours.

He resumed pounding her from behind and in a matter of a minute, he was feeling her walls tighten up again around his dick. This time, he could feel his climax coming and his pace increased. Her moans matched his groans as they both came at the same moment.

They fell on the bed, breathing really fast and trying to steady their heart rates. After he had caught his breath, Josh pulled her to himself in a cuddle, wrapping her in his arms. She felt so perfect in his arms, and it pleased him. He planted multiple kisses on her head and whispered in her ears, “I’m really sorry babe. For hurting you. I promise, such a situation will never repeat itself. I love you. Only you. And no one else”.

Jenny chuckled, feeling amused at her failed attempt to make him pay for what he did.

” I forgive you”, She said to him, turning around to face him. She straddled him and planted a long kiss on his lips. If this is the type of sex they would have every time he messes up, then he should piss her off more!

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