Binta Diallo Warns Wizkid to Stop Showing Her Son Fake Love on Social Media

Star boy seems to be playing the bad guy in the life of his kids and baby mamas unknowingly. A few days ago, Binta Diallo, the mother to the Nigerian pop star’s second son whom she named Ayo after his father, took to social media to issue a warning to Wizkid telling him to refrain from showing her son what she calls fake love on social media.

Binta who named her son after the singer because of the controversies that surrounded the child’s paternity after Wizkid denied him, appears to be mad at star boy for lots of reasons.

The upset single mother who is from Guinea issues a stern warning to the father of her son via an Instagram account that was created for the singer’s three kids Boluwatife, Ayo and the last boy Zion. The warning was issued after Wizkid posted a picture of Ayo on the page.

According to Binta, Wizkid has to stop showing fake affections to her son because he isn’t part of the “I love my baby” crooner’s family. Her reason for being so upset is because Wizkid had since denied her son and has refused to play his role as a father to Ayo junior.

Bingo wrote “Stop posting my son here @thebalogunboys my child is not part of your Balogun family just stop with the fake love shit. Nigga needs serious help for real; I can’t deal. This deadbeat can follow this page and show fake love to my son here but never bothered to follow my son’s account or be a father to him. Post the kids you love, claimed and are your family”.

Just a few weeks ago, Binta expressed her bitterness over Wizkid’s refusal to take part in bearing the burden of his son’s financial responsibility. Revealing that the only reason she has not sued the singer to court is that his family had begged her not to create a scandal of the situation and also for immigration purposes.