Black Trans Woman Shot Dead in Florida Is the 20th Trans Woman Murdered in the Us This Year

A black Transgender woman has been murdered in Charlotte County, Florida.

Londonn Moore is believed to be the 20th Transgender person to be murdered this year in the United States.

Early in the morning of Saturday the 8th of September, the 20 year old lady was shot multiple times near Sawyer circle in North port.

Many local media have reported Moore’s death with some outlets dead naming her (referring to her by the name she was originally given at birth)

The police are currently treating the trans lady’s death as a murder case but there is no news as to whether or not they are investigating it as a hate crime.

According to reports, majority of the trans people that have been killed this year are trans women of colour.

North Port Police Department officer Joshua Taylor however told NBC that “When it comes to murder, murder is murder. Whether it’s a hate crime or not, you’re going to pay that price.”

Just a week before Moore was killed, she had posted on facebook “Ima give this whole love thing one more chance. Wish me luck.” However, a woman called Pamela Kinard, who claimed to be Moore’s mom, appeared to misgender the lady and also deny that she was transgender.

About a week before Moore was murdered, another trans woman of colour identified as Shantee Tucker, was also found shot dead in Philadelphia.

According to Local reports, Shantee who had recently celebrated her 30th birthday on the second of september was found with a gunshot wound by police at about 1am on a highway in the Hunting Park area of the city.

Trucker was rushed to Temple University Hospital, where she was confirmed dead. However, the police are searching for a suspect in connection with Trucker’s murder.

At the time of Shantee’s death, the Human rights campaign reported that 16 of the 19 known killings of trans people in the US in 2018 have been black women.

On the 30th of August, two more trans women of colour were found dead on the same day.

According to Chicago times, a 24-years old woman known as Dejanay L. Stanton was found dead with a gun shot to her head on the streets of Chicago.

Another woman was found in a street in Shreveport, Louisiana, with gunshot wounds to the wrist and chest. The lady was identified as 18-year old Vontashia Bell.

National press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, Sarah McBride recently shared with Pink News that “There is a growing epidemic of violence targeting transgender people, particularly Black transgender women.

“This is an urgent crisis that is a by-product of the toxic and violent combination of transphobia, misogyny, and racism. As a society, our policymakers and lawmakers must do more to combat this violence.”