Blogging vs Social Networking: Is It a Battle?

Technically–blogging is a form of social networking, but for the sake of argument, we shall assume that the use of other social media is primarily what one needs for social networking. This article explores the idea that someone who blogs may have to compete in some way with people who social network. In other words, whether blogging and social networking are two sides of a battle. If you want to get your message out to people, it is probably a good idea to use both social networking and blogging.

Blogging vs Social Networking

Blogging is more permanent that social networking

This is because your social media posts are lost via a timeline. Your funniest joke on Twitter may be a forgotten within days, whereas it is possible to search your blog archives and find little nuggets of gold within. Still, the idea of people searching your old blog posts is not very likely. It happens! But not in numbers that are significant in most cases. Still, it is not uncommon for an overly enthusiastic new viewer to scour your blog posts to find more of what they like. This is something that is very unlikely to happen on most social media networks (it is often not possible).

Social networking may tap a larger audience

The word “may” is very important here. People who try to sell you social media marketing services will often mention all the people who enter and use social media all the time, but what they fail to mention are the tiny conversion rates (8-10%) and the fact that even though social media gets billions of hits every month, the fact is that your profile is unlikely to get a lot of page hits.

The idea of large numbers being preferable is a mistake that many people make. Because technically, surely blogging has the biggest potential audience because everyone on the Internet may visit the site. Large audiences have often fooled people into assuming success. YouTube may get over a billion page hits per month, but how many hundred have visited your video this month?

Kellogg’s made the same mistake when they tried to launch in India. Even a 3-5% sales ratio would dwarf the sales they were making the USA. But, people in India eat boiled and steamed vegetables for breakfast and the idea of eating cereal was as queer to them as eating boiled vegetables is to you. The large audience they had meant nothing because they failed dramatically.

Blogging pays more directly

With social networking you are hopefully earning money via an indirect method. You may be promoting yourself, your products, your business, your service, etc. As a result you may make more money via those mediums. You are very unlikely to start drawing a wage from your social networking unless you are being paid by a third party to act as an influencer.

Blogging pays more directly because you can have people sponsor your posts, donate to your website to keep it going, or use affiliate advertising to make a little bit of money. You can even use your blog to link to your eCommerce website, which means it is far easier to earn a direct income from blogging.

There is a potential for more money in social networking

If we are not talking about direct money making, and we are talking about indirect money making, then social networking is far more profitable. Amounts earned indirectly via a social networking are far more than is paid as a total via blogging. For example, the buzz you can create about a product may result in a very large sales surge. This will be more profitable than affiliate advertising on a blog, or being paid to post a blog post.

Blogging attracts loyal viewers

Even though you can get people to follow you on social media networks or to “friend” you on social media networks, it is easier to gain and maintain a loyal following via a blog. The reasons for this are not clear, but it is plausible that people see blogs as more permanent, whereas they expect social media profiles to wither away or become dull after a while. It is easy to see how this may be the case if you look at how many social media profiles lose friends or followers compared to the much slower rate that blogs lose followers.

Social networking and blogging may set you up as an influencer

As mentioned earlier, social networking may set you up as an “influencer” which you may earn money from. You may also do something similar with blogging if you are clever. It is all about getting people to follow the things you say. If you are able to become an influencer, then there is a chance that companies will pay you to influence people to buy their stuff.


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