Bluboo S2 Is Coming With a New Type of Bezel-less Design and Selfie Solution


Okay, this recent “all-screen” revolution is getting out of hand. Did somebody give the order to“go bezel-less or go home”? These days bezels on smartphones have become a public enemy of any smartphone. Different smartphone manufacturers are going different routes to implement various design models on their new smartphones just to squeeze out the bezels as much as possible and increase the screen to body ratio to the highest.

Apple and the Essential phone went with the notch, Xiaomi and others opted for the tri-bezel-less models while our South Korean counterparts,  Samsung and LG decided to go with a thin top and bottom bezels.

Apple’s model together with essential is not much welcomed by most smartphone users because the display looks distorted a little to the eyes when looking at a video, or playing a game on full view.

When we talk about the best model so far, we will be talking about that of Samsung and LG. A little bezel at the top and bottom won’t harm anybody at all.

The last ones being that of Xiaomi will always bring up the problem of where will be the best part of the phone to put the selfie camera since there are no bezels on the top.

Xiaomi and other smartphone brands have resorted to putting the selfie camera on the bottom bezels of smartphones which made the smartphone’s bottom bezel appear so big and looking awkward.

Bluboo has created a sub-model from the former; this model will create a rotating camera where the camera flips horizontally at the top; flipping the camera to the front creates a selfie camera while flipping it to the back makes a rear camera.

The positioning of the front camera has always raised a problem when smartphones come with almost no top bezel. The front camera is an essential component, and people will have surely detest buying a smartphone that has no selfie camera in 2018.

It’s not certain how much user-friendly the flip front camera model will be, but at this year’s MWC in Barcelona, Bluboo, a Chinese smartphone maker will prove to everyone how efficient this model will be as they unveil their new Bluboo S2.

Ahead of the lunch, details about Bluboo S2 has recently emerged. Bluboo has announced that the smartphone will not feature a dedicated front-facing camera sensor, but they will provide a selfie camera on the S2 by featuring a single main camera on its top that will rotate on a horizontal axis.

Bluboo's upcoming S2 smartphone to feature new type of bezel-less design

While everybody is still uncertain how this model is going to perform, or will it be a viable one. But you never can tell, this might be the answer to “where should the front camera be?” when the top bezels are no more.  If this also works perfectly and beats all odds against it, it will replace the Apple and essential phone’s top-notch model and also force Xiaomi and others following her behind to remove the awkward front-facing camera from the bottom bezel. It will also make smartphone brands to invest in a single rotating camera sensor and focus on improving the camera sensor to shoot more quality images especially for selfies.

The exact type of sensor the Bluboo S2 will show up with is still not known, but the company stated that it’s looking at the dreaded, high quality 21MP “Carl Zeiss verified” shooter.

Let’s cross our fingers and watch as Bluboo try to re-write the history of smartphone technology at the MWC holding in Barcelona on 26th February.

A reminder, Bluboo copied this model from a previous Apple iPhones design from years ago that was rejected and didn’t make it to the production table. That doesn’t matter though; I just wanted you to know about that it was copied from Apple, that’s what China is best at.