BMW M2 Gets A Splash Of Gold


Here’s another proposal for BMW M2 owners looking for a new set of rims to customize their rides.  They’re called VPS-314T, and are part of Vossen’s ‘Forged Precision Series’, 20×9.5-inch at the front, and 20×10.5-inch at the rear.

In this case, the company chose to paint them in an eye-catching golden shade, which works particularly good with the rest of this particular M2’s blue color, but they can also be had in a variety of finishes, from ceramic polishing to powder coating.

For this set, which ranges from 19 to 24 inches in size, Vossen are asking at least $6,800, and that’s before any options are selected. The list includes weight reducing pockets milled into the back pad of the wheel, design modified for center lock application, various cap finishes, and personalized engraving, to name a few.

Vossen’s new wheels, which can also be fitted to other cars, won’t make your BMW M2 faster, but they do contribute to its already imposing stance by making it more appealing.