Bosses At Silicon Valley Thinks Smart Glasses Will Soon Replace Smartphones


The world is moving to a position where the physical world bows down and prostrate to the digital world. All thanks to Technology for bringing us thus this far.

Smart Glasses

When we finally get there, you will find out that technology that can be able to superimpose digital imagery over the physical world will be all that humans need to keep up with everything the smartphones are doing for all of us right now.

Magic Leap CEO, Rony Abovitz thinks his company’s mysterious goggles will, one day, be able to replace “your phones, your televisions, your laptops, your tablets,” he stood on stage during the just concluded Recode’s Code Media conference on Tuesday to utter what his eyes have peeped into the future to see.

While it sounds daunting and boastful,  he’s not the only tech executive who thinks that the smartphone we are all going crazy about will very soon die a slow and painful death, and they believe the end will be facilitated by the smart glasses that are still on its budding stage.

Early last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that augmented reality — the technology for superimposing digital imagery over the physical world — could one day replace anything with a screen.

Microsoft’s CEO,  Satya Nadella expressed the same claim too and he often referred to head-mounted displays as the “ultimate computer.”

Beyond every doubt, we’ve every reason to believe that smartphones will soon die a slow death in the hands of head-mounted displays. And it’s no wonder why it’s such an attractive proposition: Even in a layman’s senses, if a pair of glasses could be able to project your calls, text messages, media,  your e-mails, your spreadsheets, and your Netflix in the air in front of you, why to carry a separate phone?

Right now it sounds more like what you will see in a movie, but currently, certain goggles are edging close to bringing this idea to reality, Goggles like the Microsoft’s HoloLens or Intel’s prototype Vaunt, are not yet there but with time and innovative technology ideas flowing in and being implemented, the possibility of this Technology coming to life in a short while is very high.

Currently, the big discussion in Silicon Valley right now is about smartphone addiction. Tech executives have been debating whether it’s healthy for young people to be so attached to the major technology platforms.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff came along and likened the platforms individuals have been so addicted to as the tobacco in the industry.

Smart glasses are considered as the very best option to stop smartphone addiction. If the information is projected directly into our eyes, it could mean no more smartphone zombies will be staring down at little metal rectangles called smartphones.

Information will only be displayed as you need it, it could mean no more mindlessly swiping through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all those things will be in your eyes for you to access.

Smart glasses could be the only way to access all of the information we need in a way that works better and synchronizes with our real lives.


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