Britney Spears Unhappy About Ex-husband’s Child Support Increase

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is everything but happy this season as she reaches new child support agreement with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline according to reports by E! News.

Per reports made by The Blast, the singer,36, recently agreed to pay her 40-years old former spouse some ” thousands more a month in child support.”  However, in August, the “give me more” songstress was ordered to pay the father of her two sons the sum of $110,000 in child support.

According to stories E! News gathered from a source about the singer’s team’s reaction to the new deal; it is clear that “They are not happy and think the settlement is ludicrous. But they wanted to agree so that they could move on.” The insider added the Spears is very sad about the new agreement, but she understands that it’s all for the best as “She was tired of fighting about it and is ready to get on with her life and put this behind her,”

The former lovebirds got married in 2004 and separated in 2006 have the birth of their two sons Jayden James who is presently 11, and Sean Preston who is 12.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline’s Attorney told E! News about the new agreement that  “I am happy that they came around to resolving this matter. I am sure that they decided the money would be better extended on child support than on attorney’s fees, which would’ve achieved the same result for Kevin but only after months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on litigation. They made a wise decision.”

An insider also told E! News that the couple’s teams met during the week and had all necessary negotiations “as of Friday they signed a stipulation that resolved all the pending matters that Kevin had asked the court to rule on.”

Besides, the source said “Kevin is getting more money monthly than what he had originally asked for before he ever filed his RFO. Britney’s team would’ve been better off settling with Kevin at that time because now he got more than what he initially asked for. There are more attorney fees that Britney agreed to pay that were folded into the settlement, in addition to the $100,000 Mark Kaplan was already rewarded.”

The insider continues “Kevin is extremely pleased for himself, for the kids and Britney, It was the wisest thing she could do, and it allows her kids to get the benefit of the standard of living both parents can afford to provide for them.”

It was gathered that the new arrangement was not decided by the court but was reached during negotiations by both parties based on the singer’s income and expected income. However, the couple’s custody agreement remains the same.

Spare’s ex-husband has quit dancing and is now focused on doing DJ jobs and record producing. However, In February, he hired celebrity divorce attorney Kaplan with the aim to revisit the child support order with Britney. A close source to Britney also shared with E! News that  “They are in negotiations with Kevin. Kevin’s attorney is the one who has been talking about Britney’s recent successes and trying to get more money. We are hoping to get it resolved.”

Before the new arrangement, Britney spares had been paying the father of her boys $20,000 monthly since 2008. In May this year, the Dj filed legal document request for a raise in his child support money and also requested that the singer paid for his attorney fees.

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