Buzz Kill! Tecno Camon C8 – The hype that’s dying off


Truthfully, I am a big fan of Chinese brands, especially Chinese brands that have shown interest in the mobile needs of Nigerians and Africa in general. Probably the reason why I was so engrossed in Tecno as far back as 2009 and predicted the rise of the then unknown smartphone coy, only known for it’s dual SIM feature phones. Fast forward to 2012, I wrote hundreds articles about the coy on my previous blog and of course was one of the first people to ever write about the company, even guest posted an article for a friend on his blog, now find it here, stating how fast the mobile phone was growing in sales, and predicted an Android device coming, which of course, we’ve seen tons.

Tecno started out a very good brand and featured quite a lot of innovations (even bringing the first dual-SIM phones to Nigeria. But, all that has changed!

Of late, the mobile coy just being a menace and not caring about their original mission which was quality service at affordable prices. Starting out, they listened, but now… say a negative thing you don’t like about the coy and get banned on Facebook. The new Tecno mobile is shrouded in mysteries and really producing junks and stuffing it own our throats. I wouldn’t be painting you a full blown picture of all the wrong doings of Tecno mobile, since this a post centered on Camon C8.

Tecno Camon C8
Yes, there’s a new player, the photographic monstrosity – Tecno Camon C8 – what a heap of thrash.

First comparing a sub-par under 200USD f/2.8 aperture camera lens device’s camera with the iPhone 6 camera is just wrong! The photographic differences is as clear as faces of Obasanjo and Tom Cruise, the Camon C8 just has so much coloring it makes you wonder if the person behind the rationale of that comparison is sane.

The hype was so great I actually became confused if I was indeed looking at the pictures taken with the Tecno Camon C8 or my 2009 Samsung SGH-J700 :/

Thankfully, folks are realizing the Tecno Camon was over hyped. Tecno usually quick to disburse lies filled the internet with rumors of a 2GB RAM device, which of course we later found out to be 1GB and duly accepted.

In all, I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t buy the Tecno Camon C8, after all, it’s a cheap-ass under 30k device. If you do, that’s awesome! I just hope Tecno mend their sinister ways, and produce devices worth celebrating as the did in previous years, devices like the Phantom F7.

P.S: If you are expecting to read constructive criticism, I’m really not one with such talents 😀