Caitlyn Jenner Finally Talks About Kylie Being a Mother

It’s been a while we heard about Caitlyn Jenner and her relationship with the Kardashian and Jenner sisters.

Since Kylie had baby Stormi, we have been expecting Caitlyn to make comments, and finally, she has.

“She’s always wanted to be a mom but when she called me up it was a bit tough for her ’cause, obviously, she’s not been married,” the trans woman shared on ITV’s Loose Women on Thursday. “But she wanted to start a family; she wanted to start it young.”

The grandma added, “‘Fortunately, she’s in a position where she can have a child, and the child will be well taken care of.”

With all that said, Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she still believes “you’re better off waiting and there’s no rush. I had my first child at 29, and I kind of had everything done.”

However, the 21-years old mother of one has achieved so much for her age. This year alone she has gathered up some significant accolades one of which is gracing forbs magazine as one of the world’s most affluent confident young women. The makeup mogul is more than a goal getter.
In addition to being a businesswoman, Kylie is a loving and attentive mother to Stormi Webster. At least that’s what her Instagram posts suggest.

She recently posted a photo of Stormi taking a nap in her car seat and talked about the challenges a parent has to face when a kid is asleep in a car seat, and the parent has to take them out.

“I don’t wanna wake her up,”  the new mother wrote as she tried to carry her kid out of the car seat.

Ultimately, Kylie had to wake up the sleeping beauty unintentionally, and you sure can bet Stormi became a little grumpy. In a photo posted by the make up mogul showing her and a wide-awake little Stormi, it appeared that Kylie to see past the cuteness of her baby’s look. She captioned the image, “Now she’s mad at me.”