Call Screen is Now Available on the Original Google Pixel, But Only in the US


Call Screen was one of the most outstanding features introduced with the Pixel 3 duo, which lets the Google Assistant answer our incoming calls to ask what the caller wants and also shows a real-time transcript of the conversation. And after arriving on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL back in November, it appears that Call Screen is now being rolled out for the first generation Pixel smartphones as well.

Multiple users in the r/GooglePixel Reddit thread have revealed that they are now seeing the Call Screen feature on their first generation Pixel device. However, the option to see a copy of the transcript after ending the call is yet to be made available.

call transcript

The feature is now available on the Pixel and Pixel XL duo, but it appears that Call Screen has been made available to only a small circle of users that are based in the United States. I checked the Google Phone app on the first generation Pixel, and I can confirm that the feature is not yet available outside the United States. Moreover, Google is yet to reveal any official information concerning the broader release of the Call Screen for the Pixel and Pixel XL outside the United States.


One Pixel user wrote on Reddit that the Call Screen’s availability is server side, something which was confirmed after talking to a Google Support executive. It’s also worth noting that Pixel or Pixel XL users in the United States who have received this feature don’t have the option to view the transcript of the call. Google recently confirmed that transcripts of all calls screened using Google Assistant will now be saved automatically, a feature that will first roll out as a beta for Pixel 3 users in the United States.


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