Cardi B Comes Clean About Her Postpartum Experience


Motherhood is an experience every lady looks forward to having. There’s just something special about having a tiny little someone come out of you. And you want to give them all the love in the world. But, what some mothers do not talk about as much as they should is their post-partum emotional and physical experience.

Let’s face it, moms are powerful people, and sometimes, the fear of being judged hinders them from telling the rest of the world how hard it is for them to adjust to their new lives after childbirth. Rapper Cardi-B has decided to stand out by sharing her post-partum experience on Instagram so the rest of the world would know it’s not been easy.

About a month ago, Cardi B welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl, and she has given her fans a sneak peek into her motherhood life since the birth of her daughter. Earlier this week, the rapper decided to share what its like emotionally after giving birth.

To comically explain her emotions, Cardi reposted a funny video from famous comedian Jay Versace’s Instagram. The video showed the comedian conversing with a mirror reflection of himself. Jay Versace was asking who he was inside his body because he didn’t feel like he was the same person on the inside. “I don’t know who I am anymore” he added. Cardi B related the video to her experience by adding a caption that read “This is how post-partum got me, the emotional struggle. Bardi vs Belcalis”.

Not only has Cardi told us that motherhood has been emotionally demanding, Two weeks ago, but the rapper shared on Twitter that she would be missing the tour with Bruno Mars this fall because she underestimated was also being a mum would be like.

According to Cardi, she thought that six weeks after giving birth to her daughter would be enough recovery time for her both mentally and physically. She added that she assumed she would be able to take her kid with her on tour, but she realised that she underestimated what it was like to be a mommy. Not only is she not physically ready, but she wouldn’t want to leave her baby behind as the doctors had said it wasn’t healthy for her daughter to be on the road. She went further to thank Bruno Mars for being understanding and supportive of her and her baby.

It appears Cardi B wants moms to know that its ok to feel down after childbirth, so it’s only fair to focus on getting back on your feet and taking care of your baby at your pace.
Post-partum depression affects about 70% of mothers and about 13% of new moms. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain the feeling to people around because it’s sadness you do not understand. Loss of appetite, mood swings, fatigue, low self-esteem, and even avoiding loved ones are some of the experiences that come with postpartum depression.

When you notice a loved one who just put to bed exhibiting any of these symptoms, emotional support would be necessary to help them recover faster. Also, make sure to contact a doctor immediately so that proper attention would be given to both mother and child.


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