Rocket Lab’s Electron

Rocket Lab’s Electron make its first commercial flight

Today, US spaceflight startup Rocket Lab could attempt something it’s never tried before: a commercial launch of its Electron rocket. This will only be...
smart power

MIT smart power outlet can identify dangerous electric spikes

The engineers at MIT have developed a smart electrical outlet that can learn what appliances are plugged in and tell dangerous electric spikes from...
alternative medicine

Study warns teen “alternative medicine” use is growing

A study out of the University of Illinois, Chicago, warns that kids and teens — especially teens — are using “alternative medicine” in growing...

Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the Future

Could our sci-fi movies be right? Are the machines taking over? Even though these questions are somewhat laudable one cannot dismiss the fact that...
Alan Bean

Alan Bean the 4th Moon Walker Dies at 86

Astronaut Alan Bean died over the weekend at the age of 86. As the lunar module pilot for the Apollo 12 mission, Bean was...

NASA’s InSight lander successfully takes off on its way to Mars

United Launch Alliance successfully launched its InSight lander this morning from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, which will now head off to Mars...

Watch NASA launch its quake-detecting Mars lander

Tomorrow, NASA’s next robotic explorer is beginning its deep-space voyage to Mars. The lander InSight is set to take off from Vandenberg Air Force...

Made In Nigeria “Spaceship” Spotted Along Sagamu-Ore Highway (Photo & Video)

An Instagram user know as Titilola spotted this Made-in-Nigeria “Spaceship” being transported along Sagamu-Ore Highway.She wrote: As seen on #SagamuOre road #madeinnigeria.