Catholic Minister Fired for Liking Gay Wedding Photo on Facebook


An ex-catholic minister has claimed his pastoral contract was terminated because he hit the like button on a friend’s same-sex wedding picture on facebook.

The former outreach minister identified as Keith Kozak made for the claims that the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland interrogated him for posting photos from the reception of a same-sex wedding he had attended.

the 39-year-old former minister who identifies as gay but had initially not told his diocese about his sexuality say the meeting was summoned by his supervisor and the head of human resources to address his recent social media activities.

Keith told News 5 Cleveland that “They sat me down and they said we had seen some things on Facebook and Twitter and that would like to talk to you about that. It was a quick meeting. The very next day, I received a letter that said I was terminated.”

He added that “The church in Cleveland has just been very discriminatory in my opinion.”

“It’s a wake-up call for me; it’s a wake-up call that I didn’t really realise the Catholic Church would act like this.”

However, the Catholic church of Cleveland has released a statement saying that they believe the actions taken against Keith was necessary and they do not comment on individual cases of people that got fired.

keith is not the only Catholic priest that has been removed from ministry for gay practices this year in September if cargo place priest was also removed from ministry after being caught having sex with another Catholic priest in a car parked in the driveway.

39-year-old Diego Berrio was caught in the act of performing oral sex and other Catholic priest identified as 30-years-old Edwin Giraldo Cortes in the afternoon of Monday the 30th of September by the police.

Both men were charged with lascivious and lewd behaviour. Edwin was also charged with indecent exposure.

in a statement by the archbishop of Chicago Blase J. Cupich, He said the Berrio’s appointment as a pastor in Misión San Juan Diego, a village in the suburbs of the city, has been terminated.

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