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Oprah Winfrey

Straight Hollywood Celebrities Who People Think Are Gay

These days a lot of people are beginning to see love and sexuality differently while some 50 years ago whenever you spoke about relationships,...
Jay-Z and Beyoncé

11 Well Guarded Celebrities You Would Think Twice Before Getting Close to

Most of us assume that celebrity life is smooth and full of fun, while in fact, they are just like humans like you and...
Allen Iverson

Infographic: 5 Sports Stars Who Went Bankrupt Because of Gambling

Gambling has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last few decades and is an increasingly popular recreational activity. While it was once illegal...
Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson Shuts Down Reports About Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson is finally voicing out after prior report of her being hospitalized due suicide attempt. We've also learned that she was involved in an...
50 Cent

15 Celebrities Who Are Terrible in Bed

Crystal Harris became a major heartbreaker when she called off her wedding with Hugh Hefner. I wonder how she expects her not to move...
Game of Thrones

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Game of Thrones Stars

Game of throne lovers are screaming winter is here! They can't wait for the new premiere of this beautiful movies final season. Fans all...
wonder woman

Wonder Woman Speaks Kicks Isreali Prime Minister’s Ass

DC's wonder woman is one person we are used to seeing kickass. Nevertheless, she's not one we have seen kicking ass in the form...
Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell opens up about her sexual abuse by her father

Rosie O'Donnell is letting the public in on her childhood in a different light. Rosie who is a talk-show host and a comedian has...
Victoria Beckham

Will David and Victoria Beckham Get a Divorce Soon?

When it comes to couples in Hollywood, a lot of us know that their love story usually does not last longer than 2 to...
Kamaru Usman

Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman becomes UFC’s First African Champion

Nigerian fighter, Kamaru Usman is now the new welterweight champion after defeating former champion, Tyron Woodley at the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC). The mixed martial...

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