Chinese EV Startup That Cloned Tesla Gets Investment From Alibaba and Foxconn


Any tech product that has not been copied or cloned somewhere in China is either not existing yet or it’s useless.

For years, since the whole world realized that technology is the way forward, China has built their global technology preeminence around other country’s innovation.

The latest story we are going to look at today is that of a Chinese electric vehicle startup, Xiaopeng Motors, that recently attracted the Chinese big guys with the swollen pockets to invest in the new automobile startup company.

Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese electric car startup who recently built a ‘Tesla clone’ secured 2.2 billion yuan ($348 million) investment round led by two Chinese tech giants: Alibaba and Foxconn.

Xiaopeng Motors has only one concept in their lineup, though they still have others in mind or still on the drawing table.

According to the company, the all-electric SUV with has a battery pack that enables travel a range of ~300 km (186 miles) on a single charge, the EV will also feature similar autonomous and assisted driving features as Tesla’s Autopilot.

The concept, by name the Xpeng from the outside, doesn’t look much like a Tesla. But when you are inside the SUV you will notice the fully, the numerous touches the startup copied from Tesla.

While Tesla’s touches cannot be hidden on the Chinese EV SUV interior, Xia an Engineer admitted during an interview that the Xpeng was highly influenced by Tesla and they are taking advantage of Tesla’s open-source patents which Tesla made open so as to promote and make it easier for Automobile startups to go into electric vehicle production; while promoting their aims, goal, and objective for an electric vehicle take-over of the automobile industry.

Xiaopeng’s Xpeng interior
Tesla’s Model S interior
Xiaopeng’s Xpeng instrument cluster
Tesla’s Model S instrument cluster

In the document that holds Tesla’s open source patent rights, Tesla also made mention of “in good faith”, which might eventually turn out to be a problem if companies like Xiaopeng Motors starts copying Tesla’s work cover to cover. No company wants his product to be copied or cloned. Not in a highly competitive industry such as Technology – Automobile.

Meanwhile, Alibaba and Foxconn are doing a great job in investing in the dreams of new technologies in the country. I believe that it’s because of giant companies like them, China’s tech industry is booming because they are dedicated in giving the new startups a helping hand to climb up to success.