Clever Uses for Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles

Chances are there’s at least one pool noodle being used to bop a brother or sister as we speak. These long, colorful foam pieces were designed to use in the swimming pool, but they’ve certainly brought endless hours of non-water fun to children and adults of all ages.

While you’re busy having fun noodling others, why not also make your life a little bit easier? Pool noodles can benefit your life in many situations and in many ways.

They are soft, bright and colorful and kids of all ages love to play with them. Furthermore, the pool noodles are very cheap to purchase at only a couple bucks each.

One idea for pool noodle benefit: Use them to keep boots from losing shape. You can easily cut some of the length from the noodle and keep it inside of boots when they’re not being worn. When you do, your boot will keep its shape so you won’t receive any strange looks at your indented boots.

If you are creative, the uses for pool noodles are even more enjoyable. You can easily create swords, light sabers and many other fun toys for the little ones.

Use several of the noodles to create a play house for the kids, or use them to create a water run-through on those hot summer days. An obstacle course is so easy to make and will keep the kids active. They’re already playing with them; why not turn it into an awesome toy?

A hanger protector is easy to create out of a pool noodle. You can cut small pieces of the noodle to place over the hanger, keeping your clothes securely hanging.

Marble Run is a game that is a part of many of our childhoods. The fun and excitement of the game is tenfold for your child when a pool noodle is used to create the lever for the marbles to run.

As you can see there are numerous ways to turn a pool noodle into a beneficial product inside of your home. These are only some of the many ways to turn your pool noodle into a valuable art of your home life.

Whether it is to create a new toy for the kids to play with or to help make your life more practical, you can use these clever pool noodle hacks (and the others that you find) and benefit your life wonderfully!

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