Daniel Bryan: Net Worth, Biography, Awards, and More

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is an American wrestler, also known as the American Dragon. He is famous for his “Yes, Yes, Yes” chant whenever he makes an entry to the wrestling ring or whenever he wins a match.

He is regarded as one of the most influential and prominent wrestlers in WWE, with several championship titles to his name. Daniel Bryan is married with children, and he currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with his family.


  • Name: Bryan Lloyd Danielson
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Professional wrestler

Daniel Bryan’s Net worth

Daniel Bryans’ net worth is estimated to be around $10million as of August 2020. He accumulated this enormous amount of wealth from his salary as a wrestler and other ventures such as his 2015 book “YES; My improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania.”

He earns about $700,000 from his WWE contract and an additional $300 as a Wining bonus. He is also entitled to salary as the “Smackdown Live” general manager.

Daniel Bryan’s Early life

Bryan Lloyd Danielson was born on May 22, 1981, in Aberdeen, Washington, United States. His father was a lumberjack, and his mother worked as a therapist. They got divorced when Daniel was still little.

He graduated from Aberdeen Weatherwax High School and was good at a variety of sports such as American football, baseball, and basketball. His passion for wrestling began when he encountered his childhood friend, Abraham Godfrey, going through a wrestling magazine.

Daniel felt more fulfilled wrestling than engaging in any other sport and decided to pursue a career in wrestling after high school.

Daniel got inspired by superstars such as Ray Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero and trained under professionals like Shawn Michaels and Rudy Gonzalez at Texas Wrestling Academy in San Antonio. He first joined Dean Malenko Wrestling School, which eventually closed down after some time.


Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan officially began his career in the year 2000, with a WWE deal assigned for the development program of Memphis Championship Wrestling. Sadly, the contract got terminated in 2001 due to the dispute between WWE and Memphis Championship Wrestling.

He proceeded to join Texas Wrestling Alliance (TWA) where he eventually won his very first championship title as a light heavyweight champion and was also honoured with the ring name ‘American Dragon’ due to his outstanding performance

Later in 2002, Daniel wrestled in a Japanese martial art wrestling and held the ‘Ring of Honor’ title till 2006. During his time at martial art wrestling, Daniel also sorted to fight for the ROH world championship in 2005.

But he had to quit after suffering severe physical damage, which kept him off the ring for some time. However, Daniel returned to ROH wrestling in 2007 and had his first match with them broadcast live on national television.

Daniel got re-signed to WWE in august 2009; he defeated Chavo Guerrero in his first match and debuted to NXT later in 2010. Unfortunately, Daniel got fired that same year for strangling a WWE ring announcer Justin Robert in an “NXT invasion” match. The company, however, apologized for firing him and asked him to come back to WWE.

Daniel Bryan won his first world heavyweight championship in 2011 and stared in a TV reality series in 2013. He suffered from another serious injury in 2014, which got him out of the ring for quite some time. Daniel made a comeback in 2015 and participated in a Royal Rumble match.

In February 2016, Daniel Bryan retired from professional wrestling and became General Manager of SmackDown.

Personal life

Daniel Bryan is married to Brie Bella, who is also a professional wrestler. He got engaged to Brie after three years of dating. This happened on September 25, 2013, after a hike on a hilltop during a romantic vacation.

The proposal was made with a 1.5-carat European diamond ring, and they got married seven months later. The wedding ceremony took place on April 11, 2014, at the L’Auberge de Sedona luxury resort located in Sedona, Arizona.

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Birdie Joe Danielson, on May 9, 2017. She’s currently three years old, and her parents are expecting their second child.

Daniel used to be a full-time vegetarian but had to re-include meat and eggs to his diet due to dietary troubles. Daniel is also an environmentalist. He encourages his family to use less plastic and more organic material.

He has also been spotted carrying out environmental activities on multiple occasions on the “Total Bellas” reality show.

Awards and Achievements

  • Daniel Bryan is regarded as one of the most decorated wrestlers in wrestling entertainment. Here are some of his professional achievements;
  • Daniel won the “MCW Southern light heavyweight championship as well as “MCW southern tag team championship title at Memphis Championship wrestling.
  • Daniel Bryan is a four times WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • He won his first APW championship title in 2001, as a light heavyweight champion.
  • Daniel Bryan won “Best of American Super junior” and “IWGP Junior heavyweight tag team champion” in 2014 at the new Japan pro wrestling.
  • Daniel Bryan won the “RHO Pure championship, “RHO world championship, and “Survival of the fittest” 2014.
  • Bryan won 5 consecutive Best Technical Wrestler’ award and the most outstanding wrestler award from 2005 to 2009 and 2006 to 2009, respectively.
  • Daniel was also awarded an “Independent wrestler of the year” in 2006.
  • He also received several “Slammy Awards” from 2010 to 2013.
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