6 Reasons to Buy a Dashboard Camera

Dashboard Camera

The dash cam, famously known as dashboard camera has become progressively popular over the past few years due to its tremendous benefits.

In layman’s language, a dashcam is a type of camera mounted on your car’s dashboard for specific purposes such as recording sounds and images when your hands are glued on the steering wheel and your eyes focused on the road.

The main objective of the dash cam is to cautiously record everything that takes place inside the car as well as on the road. The dash cam boasts a fixed-lens digital camera and a microphone.

They come with a suction cup that makes installing them on the dashboard or windshield a walk in the park.

Thanks to the advanced technology, some dash cam models are wired in the battery system of your car, while others are battery powered which you plug in the cigarette lighter in your car.

Whatever the case, a dashboard camera is very important and here are six strong reasons why you should buy one for your car.

It Provides First-hand Evidence of a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a nightmare that no one wants to ever experience in life. However, accidents happen when we least expect them, and this is one of the reasons many car owners are investing their time and money on dashboard cameras.

Simply put, the camera starts recording immediately after starting your car engine, meaning that it provides real-time, effective and straightforward proof in case of an accident.

After an accident, some drivers start a blame game saying that it was their fault while in the real sense, it was theirs.

Therefore, if your car is involved, you can prove it wasn’t your fault and in case of any court trial, you can provide the videotape as evidence.

The other party will be held responsible and will be obligated to pay for your car’s repair.

Can Excellently Monitor the Driving Activities of Hired Drivers

If you have your own driver, it goes without saying that you might not be available with him all the time, but you might be willing to monitor his driving activities.

The best option is to install a dashcam on your car, and you’ll have an effective audit of the driving activities.

That way, you can determine the true colors of your driver’s behavior and decide whether to retain or fire them.

It could be the best defense against allegations

In the life we are living today, many people are engaging in different business deals to make ends meet.

If you are a cab driver or ride-share provider working with Taxify or Uber, you offer services to different clients who might be having something against you.

They might report you to your boss that you did this or that against the client’s wish, and you’ll be penalized.

However, if you have a dashcam, you can defend yourself against any allegations by providing video evidence that shows whether the allegations are true or not.

Dash cam provides evidence if you’re wrongly arrested by traffic law enforcers

It goes without saying that traffic law enforcers are human beings bound to make mistakes. At times, they might make the wrong calls and pull you over and arrest you for one or more traffic-related offence (s).

When that happens, you can have nothing to do but with a dashboard camera, you can prove your innocence and get yourself off the hook.

A dash cam could record vandalism and help with the investigation

Buying a car is a great thing but if your place of work or your neighborhood has a high rate of break-ins or vandalism, a dash cam can play a very important part in helping you catch the offender.

With technology at its best, some dash cam models are coming with a motion sensor that turns on the camera and starts recording even when you are not in the car.

Even though they are expensive, they are worth the investment and you can upload the video feed to your Smartphone, tablet or computer and know if anyone attempted to smash and grab your car.

They monitor who had driven your car

Many parents want to take control of their children’s cars and want to know how and who drove them.

Even if it might be possible to monitor this when you’re at home or at the workplace, you can comfortably monitor the movement of your car and who drives at what time using a dashboard camera.

Bottom line

A dashcam is a great investment with a straightforward design consisting of a microphone and fixed-lens digital camera, and to make it even more interesting, It’s cost-effective.

Few minutes of installation can completely change your driving experience for a lifetime. There are different dash cameras from low-end dash cams to high-end ones and you should choose one to depend on your needs, preferences, and budget.

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