Delilah Rene Luke Son’s Depression and Suicide Journey

Delilah is known for her willingness to help people with words of wisdom and advice via her radio show. The past one year has been stressful for the radio celebrity following the passing of her son Zachariah. However, the mother of the deceased has to go on air and help families by sharing her son’s battle with depression and what he wrote on his suicide note just a week after his death.

As his demise marks a year by October, the Radio star would once again love for families to watch their loved ones and prevent them from committing suicide by learning from her story.

In an interview with people in 2017, Delilah also shared her son’s experience to help families who are at risk of losing someone to depression and suicide.
Delilah described her late 18years old son as “wild but so so so sweet. He was a faithful friend to the outcast and the troubled. Dozens of his friends have written to me and told me he was like a counsellor to them.”

Delilah said the mother of one of her deceased son’s friend had told her how Zach “saved her kid’s life when she was battling with depression and anorexia, insisting the girl told her folks and going with her to make sure she did that” Delilah shared some of the trying experiences that Zach had in the last year before his death. She said he had an accident in 2016 that left him “Traumatised.”

Late Zach also had a breakup and an illness that made him fall behind his senior year and how these experiences worked together to break him. “When he found out he wouldn’t graduate he spiralled into depression and was honest about it,” Delilah shared. However, she added that she quickly “found him doctors, a fabulous counsellor and support group.”

According to his mum, Zach seemed to be doing better recently “He was looking forward to making up his missed credits, graduating and starting film school. He was fascinated with science fiction and time travel and began to talk about the book A Wrinkle in Time and quantum physics.”

Delilah did not open up about how Zach died, but she had this to say about his suicide note “His goodbye note did not mention sadness, anger, angst or depression,” Delilah said, “just a pressing madness about feeling like this world was not his home.”

Zach ended his life on the 3rd of October 2017 and Delilah announced it on the 8th of October. “My heart is broken beyond repair, and I can not fathom how to go on… but I have to believe he is at peace with the Lord and that God will get us through, I will be absent from the radio and on social media for a time as I grieve and try to process this loss with my family.”