Different Types of Libras Explained

Different Types of Libras

Zodiac signs are part of our life, and they can be used to predict future events in our lives. These signs are determined using a birth chart to show the sun’s position during an individual’s birth.

Libra is a sun sign that affects relationships, love, marriage, friendship, family, career, education, health, money, and many more.

This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus which makes this sign very beautiful. Different types of Libras exhibit varied traits depending on seasons.

Libra’s Position, Element, and Sign

Libra is the seventh sign that belongs to the air element. It is known as the scale because it has a positive and a negative side, plus it’s also considered the most balanced sign among all the other 12 zodiac signs.

The symbol for Libra is Scales. In ancient times, Libra was called “the balance” or “the middle way”.

This is because the sun passed across its face at a time when day and night are almost equal in length, creating a balance in the heavens.

No wonder Libras exhibit a strong sense of justice, have a balanced approach to life, and possess impressive personality traits.

Types of Libras

There are different types of Libras with clearly distinguishing factors and some intertwined characteristics.

These air signs are classified according to personality traits and other aspects of life. Below are the three main types of Libras.

Libra with Libra Mercury

These are also divided into Libras with Mercury as the evening star, Libras with Mercury as the morning star, and Libras with Mercury combust.

People who fall under this category are natural peacemakers who prefer that everyone moves in the same direction.

They devote their time and energy to mediation lest one group takes offense at another group’s views or actions. 

Since they are mostly mediators in disagreements, they are often caught up in the middle and may act like people pleasers.

However, their goals always align towards social cohesion to make everyone feel heard and understood.

Being in this category means you’re interested in matters that interest other people and want to know what to say in a conversation.

Libra with Virgo Mercury

Have you encountered people who know how to play their cards right? People who will mingle with two different or rivaling groups and gel in without declaring their stand?

Others even appear to befriend one side but all in an effort to maintain harmony before shifting and doing the same to the other side.

Such characters live double lives but are tactful enough not to cause conflict. This category is considered the shrewdest of the different types of Libras.

Anyone who is a Libra with Virgo Mercury will mostly be afraid that others will discover their double-sided lives.

Even though they don’t intentionally hurt others, living a double life doesn’t sit well with the regular human being.

But, thanks to their sense of balance, they can handle social issues better and maintain fairly healthy relationships with almost everyone. 

Libra with Scorpio Mercury

This is the most assertive of the three Zodiacal types. People in this category have legal minds. They assess the situation and then decide on the course of action.

They weigh a matter and judge based on what needs to be done at a particular time. Like lawyers, these Libras have a way with words and aren’t afraid to twist the law to achieve a particular goal. 

However, their way of acting shouldn’t be mistaken for rebellion but rather a way to fulfill their main role in life, which is to make the world a better place.

Another aspect is that they don’t thrive in crisis or under pressure. This is because they prefer using methodologies to arrive at a lasting solution that takes care of important matters. 

The Three Libra Decans

Each Zodiac sign is also divided into decans, and the different types of Libras fall into either of these three categories.

The divisions are based on the particular solar season an individual was born, and one decan is ten days, hence the name.

The three divisions for this sign are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini decans.

Libra Decan

Libras in this decan were born between September 23rd and October 2nd. They are fully ruled by Venus, love the pleasures of life, hate conflicts, and always seek harmony with the universe. An art gallery is a pleasant place for someone born in this decan.

They love gifting others when an opportunity arises and do whatever is necessary to keep their peace and enjoy life.

Aquarius Decan

Anyone born between October 3rd and October 12th is in the Aquarius decan. These are partially ruled by Uranus and come off as a bit rebellious.

However, just like other Libras, someone in this decan will devote their time to mind expansion, sharing ideas, and making necessary life changes. Trend-setting is their natural strength.

Gemini Decan

This decan includes individuals born between October 13th and October 22nd. People born in this decan are partially ruled by Mercury and are social butterflies who delight in live performances and gatherings.

Call them natural connectors who attract and keep people together. Gemini deals have a free spirit that’s ready to explore the world.

General Personality Traits of Libras

The different types of Libras have common meeting points despite their various distinguishing characteristics.

Below are the traits that set Libras apart from other Zodiac Signs:

  • Sociable: Libras are overly social, the kinds who talk to strangers at the train station, and you’ll think they have been friends for life. Call them social butterflies. 
  • Hopeless romantics: Have you met people who love with all their being? Even when they have been disappointed a million times, they keep falling in love.  Every betrayal cuts deeper, yet they don’t stop. Libras love life and love is the air they breathe. 
  • Mediators: Whenever there’s conflict, a Libra is more likely to step up and bring reconciliation. They love fairness, justice, and everything that makes people comfortable around each other.
  • Loyal: If you’re looking for someone to be in a committed relationship with, finding a Libra will increase your chances of living a happy life. Libras pursue fulfillment in life, and that doesn’t come without commitment. 

Bottom Line

There are different types of Libras, each of which possesses distinguishing traits. Some are diplomatic, while others are legalistic, but all Libras are relatable and always think about the well-being of others. They advocate for social cohesion and fairness.

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