DIVII: Show English a Totally Different Way


What square measure the 2 words that return to your mind after you hear “English Dictionary”? Most of you need to have answered “words” and “meanings”. True! However that’s what each English lexicon will. Even most smartphone lexicon applications do a similar. However DIVII is totally different – it’s a video lexicon application! For robot and iOS.

How will a video lexicon works?

It’s one thing you’ve ne’er detected of or used before. To place it merely, it’s a lexicon app that has video samples of words you research. For instance, you seek for the means of a word like “dictionary”. DIVII provides you meanings of words like all different similar applications. What its additional square measure sentence and video examples.

Through video examples you get real time things wherever the searched words are used. The video examples go together with subtitles. So, you’ll follow what’s being aforementioned within the videos. This helps you to find out the correct usages and pronunciations. Moreover, you’ll seek for the meanings and samples of words from subtitles of the video you’re look. Thus, DIVII makes learning a whole and continuous method. However, DIVII isn’t around video samples of words and meanings. There’s a lot of to it…


DIVII for college kids

There square measure lots of ESL (English as a Second Language) students round the world. DIVII will facilitate them enhance their proficiency within the language. The app is additionally a good tool for college kids UN agency square measure getting ready to seem for tests like weekday, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL.

The app contains curated vocabulary lists for of these tests so students will qualify reading, listening, speaking, and writing tests with flying colors. Now, you’ll throw away your textbooks and use DIVII instead to arrange for the tests!

DIVII for Business

Have you ever tried closing a transaction in English? Did you discover it difficult? Not anymore! Currently you’ll use the distinctive app to strengthen your business vocabulary. Follow conversing within the language frequently exploitation DIVII. Presently you may find out how to use business terms and the way you’d react to bound sorts of conversations. You’ll additionally get a plan of the business culture within the English speaking countries. Moreover, real world video examples can assist you boost your confidence.

Features that you just wouldn’t notice anyplace else

DIVII allows you to manage your search queries exploitation its “History” and “Notebook” options. In “History” you’ll save your search queries for future reference. Within the “Notebook” you’ll save your search queries beside meanings and examples. Notebook allows you to produce folders wherever you’ll organize your saved knowledge. Additionally to those options, DIVII allows you to notice meanings of English words in Korean. This may facilitate native Koreans to find out English quicker and a lot of effectively.

What is more, you’ll continuously faucet on the speaker icon to listen to the precise pronunciation of any searched word. And, this lexicon allows you to search not simply words, however phrases in addition. You’ll use this lexicon to appear for the precise meanings and usages of normally used phrases in English. There’s ton a lot of to Divii that you just should make merry exploring. It’s cool and it’s free! Go grab it.

Author Bio:

JacikaPosener is a social media activist. She is a mobile learning enthusiast and a video dictionary app specialist.