Does Dry Brushing Really Reduce Cellulites?

Dry Brushing

Every now a then a new product that claims to smooth out dimples, fade out stretch marks, vanish wrinkles, and even zap cellulites shows up in the market and we race to make a purchase.

Most of the time these products turn out to do nothing close to what the advertisements claim they do. For some of the products that provides us with some visible results, we ultimately find out the results are temporary and we feel disappointed.

One technique of skincare I came across very recently is dry brushing. A few people claim it has helped them deal with a number of skin issues including roughness, wrinkles, and even getting rid of cellulite. The question is, is dry skin brushing worth the hype it is getting?

What is dry brushing?

Dry Brushing

The term “dry brushing” is quite self explanatory. Dry brushing entails literally brushing your bare skin – hands, thighs, butt cheeks, and anywhere else in your body-with a brush that has soft bristles so as to give your skin a soft, clearer, and smoother outlook.

There is little or no scientific research to back up claims that dry brushing helps to cure cellulite, but I have been able to gather a few domestic benefits of this practice. However, these benefits are at best fleeting but they are worth it.

The motion of the brush movement helps with blood circulation and also flushes toxins and waste by stimulating your lymphatic system.

When you brush your skin and the above mentioned things happen, they can cause your skin to look more radiant, have a beautiful glow, and even appear plumper. One other obvious benefit of dry brushing is that it exfoliates your skin.

Although exfoliating your skin will not make you look 10 years younger than you are, it will help you get rid of dry and dead skin cells which makes your your skin softer and more open to hydration and moisture. If you want your skin to have a younger and healthy look, exfoliating should be a regular habit.

How to properly set brush your skin?

Making use of a body brush made with natural ultra-fine bristles, gently rub the body brush over your bare skin in a mild circular motion.

It is vital to do this before you have a bath because both the brush and your skin are suppose to be dry. It is recommended that you do this at least once a week making sure that each body part has its own dey scrubbing once.

If you want to engage in dry body scrubbing, it is imperative that you bear in mind that your choice of body brush makes all the difference.

Using thick offer synthetic brushes could cause skin irritation offer even leave some microscopic cuts on your skin. It is best to choose a brush that is mild enough to be used on a baby’s skin.

If you have a super sensitive skin, or you have skin conditions like eczema, acne, or rosacea, you should avoid the temptation of engaging in dry skin brushing. Any type of sensitive skin will no doubt react to such skin stimulation.

After engaging in dry body brushing, you will notice a plump and fresher looking skin for a few hours and then your skin goes back to normal.

Its just like what happens to your body when you work out and your heart starts beating super fast, then within a short time your heart rate goes back to normal and you are relaxed.

The exercise was worth it but the after result of sweatiness and fast heart beat isn’t going to remain that way for too long. The conclusion is, dry brushing is healthy but it a short fix for your skin.

If it was possible for dry brushing to get rid of all your lumps and bumps, I am certain that every woman who has ever heard of it would dry brush every single day of her life and even dry brush her daughters from the day they are born.

Anyways, this shouldn’t stop you from spending time in the bathroom dry brushing yourself. I think it is a nice way to pass time and also a fun way to exfoliate your skin.

Body brushes come in different sizes and lengths, and they are also very affordable. I also discovered that dry body brushing can be relaxing and an easy way to exfoliate all those had to reach areas in your body like the center of your back because some body brushes have long handles.

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