Easy Hacks for Bad Hair Day

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Bad hair day can be frustrating. Every girl hates to wake up to a messy and hard to put together hair, but it just happens, and it could mess up your plans to look pretty. It is no lie that all girls could use a few tips to help with bad hair day.

So, I have gathered different quick hairstyles and tricks for different hair textures that can help you avoid hiding in the car or making funny excuses for your weird looking hair when you go out. Who is ready for a list of quick, few steps hairstyles? Let’s go!

Two cornrows

Cornrows are lifesavers if you have a medium length or long hair. All you have to do is to moisturise your hair, comb through gently and path in two through the centre of your hair. Make sure to do this looking at a mirror, so you at least cut a clean line.

The next thing to do is to hold one section of your hair with a rubber band or pin depending on what you have available. Comb the other part again and begin to weave a cornrow on that part. If you need a lesson on how to make cornrows, it is available here.

When you are done with the first cornrow, comb through the second section and repeat the process. Brush the edges of your hair with a gel or just let it be. That’s an almost effortless but chic look!


two women wearing earth toned printed tops and scarves lying on a pile of clothes
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Scarves are a great way to cover your mess. All you need is a pretty scarf and a hairbrush or comb. One of the ways to rock a hair scarf is by making a hair band off it.

Here’s how; Comb your hair backwards after oiling it, fold your scarf through its length about three to four times depending on how big your scarf is.

Raise your hair a little from behind to allow you pass the folded scarf from the back of your head close to your neck. Bring both ends of your scarf to the front and make a simple bow right in front of your hair few inches away from your hairline.

Another way to use a scarf is to cover your whole hair with it in a fashionable manner. There are different ways to tie a scarf over your head without exposing your messy hair and still look classy.

The messy bun

Making a messy bun has never been easier. Whether you have a thick hair or a light hair, as long as your hair’s length is enough for a cute ponytail, you should give it a try. Just brush or comb your hair upwards and hold it together with a band as if you want to make a ponytail.

Twist your ponytail around the base to form a rough bun and keep it together with another rubber band and you are done.  This should only take about a minute to finish, and you can go about the day’s work.

Straight hair

This should be your go-to hair if you are feeling too lazy to stress over a hairdo. All you need is some leave in conditioner and a comb or brush. Make a path at the middle or side of your hair and comb your hair downwards. Finito!

This hairdo just easy and straightforward, but if you are a thick-haired girl, it just might not work for you, so It is advisable that you get your hair straightened out before you try out this hairdo.

Unless of course, you like the bulky look it gives a mane that has not been relaxed or straightened. That too is fine.

Bohemian braids

I love Bohemian braids because of how simple and pretty they look on ladies who wear them. For that trendy and messy look, you should check out this Bohemian braid tutorial.

Hair bands

Elastic hair bands can save you on an epically bad hair day. They are a supply every girl should have in her collection of hair products. There are different ways to style your hair using an elastic hair band.

You can wear them over your hair and let your strands fly, or you could still wear them and make a bun or a ponytail.


This is the easiest lousy hair day hack, and I bet every girl can make one. Ponytails can never go wrong unless your hair is very short then you can forget about it. If not, comb your hair back and hold it with a tiny hair band.

That’s as easy as the alphabets. You can also style your edges and do a ponytail with a dirty hair. If you are in the mood for a more chic look, you can braid the full length of your ponytails.

Get a faux bun

These days, you can quickly get any hair extension, and a faux bun is one hack that can save you the trouble of having to spend the whole morning trying to get a perfect hairdo.

Comb your hair backwards or upwards and make a ponytail. Attached your faux bun to your tied hair and voilà! You are ready to dress up and head out.


You can roll you to give it a different look. Apply your pre-styling hair product and turn your hair with rollers to provide you with some curls and waves. All you need is your pre-styling product, some rollers, and a blow dryer.

After rolling your hair, blow dry and take out the rollers. You can do a side or a centre path to spice up your look.

Braided double ponytail

This may seem like a throwback to grade school look, but it sure is trendy even on grown-ups.  Path your hair into two halves and tie both halves into ponytails. When that is done, you can braid them and either leave them to dangle or make them into buns.

These are the easiest ways to get through a bad hair day.  If you have been wondering how you can avoid a bad hair day, it is as comfortable as wearing a protective cap or tying a scarf over your head before you go to bed.

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