Ellen Degeneres Surprises Gay Student Abandoned by Parents

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has been surprising people for decades, and she isn’t about to stop. Ellen left Seth Owen speechless during his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The Georgetown University student who hails from Florida became famous a few months ago after one of a teachers took to social media to launch an online fundraiser to help him cover his college tuition. The 18year old graduate of Jacksonville’s First Coast High School finished at the top of his class but he feared he would not be able to pay the $20,000 bill for Georgetown after he was ostracised by his Southern Baptist parents because they discovered he was gay.

The goal of the fund raising campaign his teacher stared was to raise exactly $20,000 which was what he needed. However, they ended up raising $141,636 in just two months.

According to Seth in a chat he had with Ellen on Teusday, he said his father discovered he was gay during his Sophomore year and at that point his dad made sure he was sent to reparative or conversion therapy with the aim to cure him of his attraction to people of the same sex.

Owen said “The dangerous part about that is, as a patient, I believed that this health care professional was doing what was best for me,” but he couldn’t bear to stay silent anymore during his senior year of high school when his church got a new pastor who focused on preaching anti-LGBT sermons.

Seth said : “I asked to go to a different church, and they said that I would either have to go with them or move out. And so I decided that day that I had to move out,”

His relationship with his parents is still very unstable but Seth had decided to remain in contact with them because “At the end of the day, they’re still my parents,” he said.

When people began to know about Seth’s story as it went viral in July, George town responded by offering the 18-year old a full scholarship. Now he plans on using the money he got from the fundraiser to start up his own scholarship fund specifically for “for people in similar situations.”

At that point, nobody knew what Ellen had up her sleeves as usual, but she surprised the student with a $25,000 check toward the scholarship fund he plans to setup.

Owen had earlier spoken about how much respect he has for Ellen because she has been an outspoken Icon of LGBTQ rights.

“When I was writing my papers at 2 a.m., I often had to look up your videos for inspiration,” Seth said. “There were so many times that you really pulled me through, so I really appreciate that.”

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