Emily Skye responds to critic who said she got back in shape too fast after childbirth


For new moms, life after childbirth is far from easy. There’s the stress of having to take care of the newborn, and then there’s the part where you have to recover both mentally and physically. The journey may look like a normal one to the outside world, but when you get the chance to hear the things these mothers have running through their minds you realise that we need to take it easy on them.

For Emily Skye, her postpartum body is looking all shades of perfect in just seven and a half months after she had her baby, but she swears by her bikini that it is not as easy as it looks and she’s still recovering from childbirth.

A critic posted a comment on Instagram saying that Emily Skye got her pre-pregnancy body back ” too fast”  and Emily had just the perfect reply to that comment.
“7.5 months postpartum. I have been getting a fair few comments from women saying that I got back into shape too fast after giving birth to Mia. It’s not the case, it’s been 7.5 months, and while I’m happy with myself, I am nowhere near as fit, strong or lean as I used to be and I didn’t “bounce back”. Being a fitness professional doesn’t automatically make it easier than others to get back in shape – yes I know how to do it, but it still takes hard consistent work. I want you to know that it does take a while for most people. Even though I’d been exercising for about a decade before falling pregnant, it has still been tough for me to get my fitness back.

I’m getting stronger all the time though! Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a big difference in my core stretch and upper body strength. I’m able to do 20 full push-ups in a row whereas a few weeks ago I couldn’t even do one properly! It feels so good getting strong again. I feel on top of the world! I’m happy with how my body is looking right now too, and my goals are to gain muscle, get stronger and work on my explosive strength like sprinting and box jumps.  Remember to be patient while working on your goals. It takes time and dedication, but you can do it!.”

Just like everyone else, Emily had to work hard as a mother and do the little she could to help her recover faster. To assume that the fitness professional went straight to the gym from the labour room would be giving her superhuman attributes as all moms go through the same struggle postpartum regardless of their profession or age.

Even though Emily is happy with the shape of her body as at now, she still has fitness goals, and she intends to achieve them. Emily is looking to work on her explosive strength and also gain some muscles even though it requires patience. Not all moms are fitness professionals, and not all mums will be, but taking some time off to exercise after childbirth is a great way to get back in shape and shep the extra weight that comes with pregnancy. Exercising also has tons of mental health benefits for new moms.


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