Eniola Badmus: I Saw My Mum in Heaven

Eniola Badmus shared to about 2 million followers on Instagram that she passed away and when she did, she saw her mother in heaven.

The actress posted the cryptic message on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. It made her cry like a child according a comment displayed on her Instastory.

She also confirmed another concern such as body pain.

“Muscle pull in the neck. I saw my mum today in heaven. The pain was too much was actually crying like a baby,” Badmus wrote over a very bright red canvass.

Eniola Badmus
Eniola Badmus left a troubling message on her IG yesterday. She talked about being in so much pain after seeing her mum in heaven. [Instagram/eniola_badmus]
She goes on to round off her thoughts with a troubling “I died today,” phrase.

Still missing mum

It has been 15 years since Eniola Badmus lost her mother. She noted this on Valentine’s Day and confirmed that she misses her.

Life is still unbearable without her precious mum says Badmus in an Instagram post shared earlier.

Eniola Badmus
Having a mother to motivate her is something Eniola Badmus craves for but unfortunately she cannot experience that because her mother has passed away. [Instagram/eniola_badmus]
She thinks getting by in life could have been easier with her around.

“Dear mum, living without you is still an alien feeling to me, I wonder if I’ll ever understand it, I miss you with every passing day.

“Without you the last few years has been the most difficult journey of life, going through it alone without your motivation and smile is the hardest way to live.”