Small Penis: Enlargement Techniques and Ways to Have Sex

Small penis

The penis usually comes in different forms, sizes, and colors. For size, they can be thick, thin, or even in between. For colors, they could range from light pink to deep purple and can point upward, downward, or bend to the side.

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A lot of people tend to be troubled about their penis size, whether they have a big or normal-sized penis. However, there is no “normal” way the penis looks, and the only “normal” is what’s normal for you.

Do you lack confidence in your penis? Do you feel your penis is too small or thin? What you have to do is search and read on the different penis variations and learn what tips and trick work for your shape.

What is the average penis size?

The average penis, as shown by some studies, has a girth of 3.66 inches (9.31 centimeters) when soft or flabby, and 4.59 inches (11.66 centimeters) when rigid or erect.

Do length and size really matter to potential partners?

The simple answer to this question is Yes and No. Just like any characteristic, it depends entirely on individual preference. Some people may obtain more satisfaction from a long or thick penis, while others may prefer or derive more pleasure from a shorter or thinner penis.

The most important thing is that you’re at ease in your skin. Accepting the size and shape of your penis will help you to feel more positive about your sexuality and allows you to be in the moment and feel it as well.

How to improve your sex life

Small penis

The position and mode of entry you decide to use has a significant impact on the sensitivity and pleasure. You can try switching things up from the conventional to the extraordinary and discover that it increases the level of satisfaction for you and your partner.

Switch positions

There are some positions that give way for deep penetration and stimulation of the nerves of both partners. You could consider using the following as guidelines:

  • During sex, you can ask your partner to keep their thighs closed in order to make the vaginal passage contracted
  • Get some pillows, arrange them beneath your partner’s butt, place their legs on your shoulders while you penetrate.
  • You can also adopt the doggy style where your partner gets on their knees and get penetrated from behind. This style gives room for you both to be in control of the whole process.
  • You could also try the kneel for the bandoleer. Here your partner lies with their back and their feet up and the knees facing their chest. You kneel in front of your partner, placing their legs on your chest and their lower back on your legs while you penetrate.

Try anal penetration

You might want to bring up the issue of anal sex with your partner, that is if you both aren’t doing it already. The anus is very tight, in fact, tighter than the vaginal passage, penetration in this part may bring about more stimulation for you both.

You should also keep these in check:

  • Your position goes a long way in the whole act. Doggy style is one comfortable style.
  • Lubes are extremely necessary. Water-based lube is preferable than the oil-based ones. It is therefore advised that you use the water-based lube in order to avoid damage to the anus.
  • Begin with one step at a time. Don’t just go for full penis penetration on your first attempt. Start with one finger and then begin to work your way through like that.

If it ever gets uncomfortable, you and your partner should take time to listen to each other’s bodies to know how to go about it next time.

Up your oral game

You could also consider oral stimulation of the clitoris or anus of your partner if it gets difficult for them to climax through penetration. These are a few methods to try:

  • Move in circles. Stir your tongue around, move upwards and downward or sideways.
  • You could seek sexual variety by using your fingers before full penetration. Be sure to go at a slow pace and listen to the response of your partner. Asking them where they love to be touched could also help increase the tempo.
  • Combine the use of the tongue and the fingers. Gently keep your tongue moving while you slide in with the fingers.

Sex toys; an addition

The use of sex toys can bring about additional stimulation. You can bring it up during foreplay or during the main act, whichever you prefer. The following could be considered:

  • A vibrating penis ring to stimulate both genitals.
  • A handheld vibrator to stimulate the clitoris or the anus.
  • A small butt plug to help in further penetration.

How to enlarge your girth

Small penis

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If you wish to increase your girth, talk to a health practitioner about how you feel. They can provide enlargement options for you and also give answers to questions you may have.

Manual stretching

This type of stretching helps to make the penis longer or thicker temporarily. To stretch manually:

  • Hold your penis head
  • Pull it up and stretch for 10 seconds
  • Pull it to the left for another 10 seconds, then to the right
  • Repeat this twice a day for 5 minutes.


This is a penis stretching technique that involves massaging your penis tissues and stretching the skin to make the penis look longer and fuller. To do this, start by:

  • Use your thumb and index finger to create an O shape around the base of your penis
  • Make the O gesture small enough to apply light pressure on the penis shaft
  • Slowly move your thumb and finger towards the penis head until you reach the tip. Release some pressure if it feels painful.
  • Do this once per day for 20-30 minutes daily.

Device stretching

There are devices used to stretch the penis. You can use a penis pump for temporary enlargement

  • Place your penis inside the pump’s chamber already filled with air
  • suck the air out with the pump mechanism to draw blood into your penis and make it erect.
  • Leave the ring on your penis to keep it erect for sex for up to 30 minutes.
  • After sex, take off the ring.

You could also try a traction device; it helps for more length.

  1. Place your penis into the base of the traction device.
  2. Use the two notches on the other end to fasten your penis head.
  3. Fasten the silicone tube of the device around your penis shaft.
  4. Pull your penis out through the bottom of the device’s silicon tube. Stop pulling if you feel discomfort or pain.
  5. Leave the penis in this position for 4 to 6 hours daily.

Hormonal therapy

Oral medications and injections could help if you are experiencing hormonal imbalance. You should also consider checking your levels if you also experience the following:

  1. Changes in your mood
  2. Low retentive memory
  3. Low libido
  4. Unexpected weight gain

Your doctor or health practitioner will help figure out the causes of your symptoms and tell you if hormone therapy will be appropriate for you.


You can use syringes filled with soft tissue filler such as hyaluronic acid, to increase the girth of your penis. Taking about three to five injections will add more girth to your penis.

Some plastic surgeons also give injections freely as they would give injected fillers for other parts of the body. So before you book an appointment, make sure to do some research to find a facility that is officially authorized, employs competent plastic surgeons, and has good reviews.


Surgery could also be used to increase your penis. The Penuma device surgery has been considered effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis. About 84 percent of persons that have had this surgery expressed their satisfaction with the results.

This is a process of implanting a crescent-shaped device underneath the penis, over two spongy, cylindrical pieces of tissue that, when you get hard, it’s filled with blood. Each Penuma is designed to fit your penis.

There are risks involved in this procedure as with any surgery. The reports of the procedure may not be entirely perfect because it is handled by a single doctor. Speak with your current doctor before making any plans; they will help you decide if such this procedure will be the best option for you.

Talk to a health practitioner

If you feel worried about the size or girth of your penis, it is advised that you see your doctor or any health practitioner. They will provide the necessary answers to any questions you may have and may help you feel a lot more relaxed.

If you feel your penis size is too small and you want to get an enlargement, your health provider can talk to you about the stretching techniques and, if necessary, direct you to an expert.

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