Enrique Iglesias Caught in Another “Controversy”

Enrique Iglesias

It seems like Enrique Iglesias is in trouble again. The 41-year-old singer apparently started making out with a fan after she jumped on stage while he was on his European tour show. According to tabloids, this is not the first time he was caught on stage like this making out with a fan.

While he was in stage performing at a concert in Kiev, Ukraine, an excited fan was said to have jumped on stage and kissed him. Rather than Enrique to call on security to get the fan off the stage, Enrique grabbed the woman’s head and deepened the kiss.

He fully made out with the woman and this showed that he was deeply into the kiss. After the long kiss, Enrique pecked the lady on the lips. Everyone we’re watching and enjoying the show while the excited fan brought out her phone and took a selfie with him.

As if this wasn’t enough, the female fan whose identity is not yet known jumped on him, straddled him and asked him to sign a poster for her which he did.

The 41-year-old recently welcomed a set of twins with his girlfriend who is a tennis star. The mother of the twins, Anna  Kournikova who is 37 years had been dating the music star since 2001. They welcomed their set of twins named Nicholas and Lucy barely one year ago precisely on Dec 16, 2017.

Kissing a fan on stage isn’t the first time the singer has been seen to be engaged in a public display of affection with his fans. Back then in 2010, there were so many pictures circulating the media which involved Enrique kissing other female fans during his numerous stage performances at several concerts.

When he was asked in an interview the reason why he always behaved like that, Enrique simply replied that he always did it when the mood struck him. In his reply back then in 2010, he said “I get excited when I go on stage, I don’t do it very often. I just always like to be in a good mood.”

According to him, he claimed, but there was no tongue. However, pictures are proving otherwise. For the past 17years, he and Anna had been dating. They met on set for a music video for the release of his new song “Escape”.

After this, the couple went completely off the grid hence affording them the opportunity to keep their relationship life private. Even when Anna was pregnant up until the time she delivered the twins, the couple managed to keep that information and their lives from the media.

After about a month, the couple decided to share the first picture of their twins just this January. Since they were born 9months ago, asides the picture that was shared of the kids in January, only a couple of pictures have been shared with the media ever since then.

We hope Anna doesn’t get so mad at Enrique when he gets home from his tour. We wish the couple the best alongside their twins.