ERROR: PleskDBException: Unable to connect to database


Few days ago i was trying to test plesk 12.1.15 (testing) control panel on Ubuntu 14.04 then i ran into the following error which was unknown to me at that time mysql was removed.

ERROR: PleskDBException: Unable to connect to database: mysql_connect(): No such file or directory (Error code: 2002) (Abstract.php:69)

After searching and finding out what the problem is i noticed that Plesk installed mysql 5.5 has been removed. So what i did was install mysql5.6 following this tutorial.

This seems to have fixed the problem has i have restarted my server and mysql server is still installed and working properly apart from cpu and memory usage problem everything looks fine.

Please note that Plesk 12.1.X is for testing purpose only, and its not recommended for production use.



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