Facebook Testing Admin Activity Filters for Groups and Redesigned Profile Page


Despite being the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, with barely any new features arriving on its platform. That drought might be coming to an end anytime soon, as the coming is testing a host of new features such as keyword alerts, now ‘Hobbies’ section on the redesigned profile page with a card-like view, and a filters tools of the admin activity section on Facebook‘s mobile platform.

Jane Manchun Wong, known for unearthing features that are currently under development or testing, shared screenshots of the new features earlier today which might become available soon.

Image courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong

The crucial first change which is being tested by Facebook is a filter tool for a group admin. But currently, it’s not clear what kind of activity filters will be made available at the disposal of an admin or the moderator. Reaching out to Wong for more details about the upcoming feature and we will add more information once there is a response.

Image courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong

Right now, when you open the Admin Activity page on the Facebook mobile app, you will only notice records of activities and the ‘Add Note‘ button on each entry. Moreover, Wong’s findings also suggest that aside from a Filters button, more tools such as ‘Admins and moderators‘ and ‘Members‘ will also be available at the top of the Admin Activity page.

Image courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong

Another admin-related feature what is being tested by the company is called Keyword Alerts which will send an alert to the admin whenever any group member uses a particular phrase or word. Admins can then specify a list of words or phrases which they think are objectionable or promote an unhealthy conversation on Facebook.

Image courtesy: Jane Manchun Wong

Another change coming to the platform and being tested by the company is a card-like format to show profile information, which looks cleaner and more appealing. Below is an image of the redesigned profile page that will also have a Hobbies section where users can add their hobbies. And as mentioned earlier, all these features are currently undergoing testing but there is no word or information regarding when they will be rolled out to the broader audience.


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