Family and Friends Suspects Foul Play in Lyric’s Death

Lyric McHenry

Just barely hours after the reality star Lyric McHenry was found dead by the roadside, her family have come out to the press to say that they suspect foul play in the death of their daughter.

Her grief stricken family and friends have come out to say that something is terribly wrong about the way she was found dead. It is only natural for the family and relatives of lyric to still be in shock over what had happened to lyric.

Remember that Lyric was apparently found dead by the side of a road on a street in Bronx, New York during the early hours of the morning which was the morning of August 14, 2018. She was found dead on the road with nothing but the top of her pyjamas and her underwear. She was found alongside a bag of cocaine which had led the police to suspect her death to be as a result of cocaine overdose.

Friends and family of lyric have taken to the media saying that she didn’t die at the place she was found. They claimed that she had died somewhere else and was brought to Bronx. A neighbour to the late celebrity’s mum claimed that Lyric never lived in Bronx although she was a resident of New York.

The 86-year old retired layer said that she was partying with her friends on her birthday. She admitted that with the way Lyric was found, something had gone terribly wrong. She said that she may have struggled to crawl out of somewhere with an indication of her scrapped knees before passing out at the road side.

Another source who wanted to remain anonymous claimed that she knew lyric personally because her cousin was friends with lyric. She also dissed the reports brought by the police saying that “how can one be on cocaine when you know you are pregnant? It just doesn’t add up. She was at my place about a month ago and she seemed fine. I don’t see how anyone can simply die of overdose like that. It seems like there is some sort of foul play involved here”.

Let’s not forget, lyric was a co star and producer of the EJNYC show on E! Which he had featured in alongside her best friend EJ Johnson who is the 26year old son of Magic Johnson the NBA legend.

Just days before her death, lyric had apparently celebrated her birthday with her friends and her best friend had wished her a happy birthday by posting a picture of them together on his instagram page alongside his friends.

On Aug 6th which was her birthday, Ej had written “@lyric_leigh words cannot express how much I love and appreciate you in my life. Your constant love, respect and companionship gives me the confidence to live my truth every single day and I’m so blessed for that. As baby divas, we recognized the greatness in each other. I love you”.

Meanwhile, a close family friend of lyric says that just 5days ago when she saw lyric, she was full of life and excited about the future. Lisa Nkonoki says that when she saw lyric, she was full of life, delightful and positive. “She was so excited and sweet, she wrote to me a very nice letter late Sunday or in the early hours of Monday, thanking me for everything” Lisa recounted.

She said that she say lyric had they had a long talk in which lyric was expressing her deep love for her family, her parents and her best friend. She had talked about her friendship with Magic Johnson’s son and all the projects that they were working on together.

She said she had to find out about lyric’s death from lyric’s father who had been very devastated and heartbroken. “I’m so grateful that he got to call, though he had to get off the phone because he was devastated and heartbroken, this is just so awful” she said.

A tribute was paid to her by her friends and family on Aug 15th. Part of the tribute read that her warmth, love and respect, compassion and energy will be missed by many. The family are choosing to keep quiet till all investigations are completed by the authorities who are currently looking into her death.