Five tools you can use to deal with “Keyword not provided”.

In the October of 2011, Google started encrypting searches for the people who were logged into Google, except for clicks on ads. Google said it was for privacy reason and they wanted to block anyone who might be eavesdropping on the strings of searches made by a person. This also prevents the search term to be seen by the publishers, as Google says the term might be a bit too private to reveal.

Keyword not provided

Last month (September 2013) Google also encrypted searches for people that are not signed in as well. This has caused a problem for online markets, search engine marketing firm, Affiliate network and others alike. It is commonly known as “not provided” as a publisher will get the keyword not provided message when a visitor comes via encrypted search. Without the Google Analytics it will be a little hard for marketers to get keyword data but still there are different tools you can use to find the organic keywords used to drive traffic to your website.

Google Webmaster Tool:

The Google Webmaster tools allow you to view the top search quarries your website has received in Google search. It can help you look into your websites keyword ranking and traffic but it only shows data up to 90 days, this means you would have to check the Google Webmaster tools data on monthly bases.

Adwords Campaign :

AdWords can help you see the keywords which are being ranked and are receiving most traffic from Google. This is a premium tool, so you would have to buy it but it offers quite a lot of useful features. Similar to Google Webmaster tools, Adwords only shows the current ranking. So you would have to run it constantly to keep track of your keyword ranking.

Lending Pages:

Landing pages can help you check which keywords are driving organic search traffic to your website. Go to Contents then Site Contents and you will find the Landing pages. By adding a secondary dimension for source you can check and see which landing pages are getting most traffic from Google search. By going to the advanced search option and including Google as the exactly matching source you will be able to see which keywords are attracting most search engine visitors.

Site Search Tracking:

You can also setup a site search tracking in Google Analytics. This will not give you the keyword people have searched but it will provide you with the keywords people have used on your websites search box. You can enable this by going to the Admin panel and then the View setting options. Here you need to find Site Search Setting and enable the site search tracking option.

Google Trends:

The Google Trends is a tool that you can use to check up to five topics and find out how frequently they have been searched for in Google. This tool also shows you how often the topics appear in Google News stories and also shows you the geographic regain that has used the search terms most. This tool is good for comparing search terms and keywords.


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