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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Whether he is retired or stay in active boxing, Floyd Mayweather is one of the most celebrated sportsmen in the world. Because of the success of the boxer, many people are asking what his net worth is. It is estimated that he is worth $700M to about $1 billion dollars. This was the estimate as at one-year ego. Going from records, the boxer has made history as the highest earning single boxer in the world and the highest earning sportsman in the world. That record used to be held by Tiger Wood. Between the year 2012 and 2014, Mayweather Jnr remained the highest paid athlete in the world.

Perhaps, the fight against Manny Pacquiao in the year 2015, broke all the previous records. The fight was worth about $600 million. Out of that, Mayweather took at least the sum of $200M through his company called Mayweather Promotion. This body co-promoted that fight.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

That fight made an impact on the man such that he was tipped as number 1 of 100 celebrities. He still has the record as the world most paid superstar in the year 2015. It was believed that he netted in the sum of $300 million and Pacquiao followed him.

It is important to state that the windfall coming from that fight against Pacquiao was not what made Mayweather rich, rather it added to his impressive records and increased his wealth. This is because, before that, the boxer was already in millions. In the year 2013, he signed a massive deal with Showtime, and the deal earned him at least $170m for the four fights before the Pacquiao fight. For each of the fight right from the year 2007, he has been earning at least 25 million dollars.

These are not the only source of the man who is popularly called Money. For instance, it is estimated that he has earned up to $105m for endorsing different products just in one-year starting from June 2013 to June 2014. Moreover, he earned no less than $300 from the fight between him and McGregor in the year 2017. Because of these earnings, it is estimated that the boxer is worth very close to $1billion.

Apart from money, there are properties worth of millions of dollars, which he owns. For instance, the mansion he has in Las Vegas Nevada measuring about 22,000 square foot is worth millions of dollars. The mansion has five bedrooms, as well as seven bathrooms and has a 12-person shower. Furthermore, the mansion has a garage and has cars worth of $15m parked in them. Included in the fleet of cars is the Bugatti Veyron, which is estimated at a million dollars. When it comes to wristwatches and other personal collections, he has a collection of watches, which are estimated at $6.4m.

Mayweather even confirmed that he has made his money from boxing and that the fact that he retired does not mean that he will not make money when he wants. He can come out periodically, engaged a star and make the money.

At 41, he is still poised to make more money from the system. He recently defeated Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan in the New Year eve. This is his latest win. He remains undefeated throughout his career and because of that anytime he announces a fight, people will take him seriously, knowing that big money will come out of it. It is not yet known how much he earned in the last fight in Japan. It is estimated that he may have earned something in the neighborhood of 67 million pounds from that fight.

The mega fighter had a flourishing career and he retired undefeated. Many people may be at a loss as to why he decided to fight Tenshin Nasukawa. He has already retired from active boxing having enjoyed at least 19 years of fruitful careers, which he started in the year 1996 and retired in 2015 with 50 wins and 0 loss. He crowned his victory when he made 50th victory and that was the fight between him and McGregor, which took place in 2017 and this is just two years after he announced his retirement from active boxing.

He decided to take the fight because of the money. There was a lucrative offer from the Rizin who promoted the fight in Japan and other parts of the world.

The celebrated boxer and the former world champion have throughout the career won 50 fights and lost none of these. He started that career as a child and that career elevated him. The most interesting thing about him is that apart from winning big, he was the highest paying athlete.

It is estimated that he can earn an average sum of $300 yearly fights. When it comes to endorsements, he can earn from there as well but he does not have plenty of endorsements.

Over the years, it is expected that the boxer may have earned more than 1 billion dollars in his career. In fact, he is one of the few athletes that were able to do that. Today he belonged to the elite club. The most outstanding earning was his fight against Pacquiao. Some report the fight with Pacquiao has earned close to $600m, the other fixture that earned him plenty of money includes the fight against McGregor. There is speculation that he might have earned more than $400m or thereabout. Other athletes that earned that big in the past include Michael Jordan and Tiger Wood. These people have earned not less than $1.5 billion in their entire career

It is not simple for somebody to earn up to hundreds of millions in just a night. It is possible for Mayweather to make it. In short, the fight between the McGregor fight was estimated to have earned him nine figures. Perhaps this may be the match that first earned him that figure throughout his entire boxing career.

It was wrong for people to assume that the fight was the first time he earned nine figures. That is far from the truth. It is on record that he made nine figures. In the fight against Pacquiao, he made that figure. There is no doubt that the boxer has made money in boxing. The problem is not making the money, but the problem is how to manage the enormous wealth he earned over the years.

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