Fortnite Addiction Is Breaking Up Families, Sending Kids to Rehab


According to a Bloomberg piece, Epic Games Fortnite is so addictive that parents are sending their kids to video-game rehab centres, marriages are collapsing and the failings of humans to control their brain pleasure centres and live a life of responsible moderation is being revealed. This article highlights a few families complaining about their inability to control their children and marriages.

Without downplaying the real-world consequences of being addicted to something video game addiction especially in children has always seemed like a failing in proper upbringing rather than something to blame on the game itself.

If anything, Epic Games should be proud that its game is so freaking addictive, bring millions of dollars a day. That is probably why Epic didn’t comment about addiction to its games.

Fortnite Is Not a Drug

Psychologist and behavioural specialists are comparing the game to heroin, yet surely cashing the therapy checks. People who run addiction camps are pushing kids to sleep and eat healthily and shed their devices, yet would not have a business without the addiction. I am not saying that being addicted to a video game is a good thing, but it’s certainly not a new thing, but paired with smartphones and a society that is continuously online or in-app, it can be dangerous to children.

However, it’s just a video game. Fortnite is not a stress drug, and it’s something that the parents can control. Sure, many believe that they cannot, that their kid is out of their reach and attempting to limit device use is a strange suggestion that eludes their elder’s brains.

Fortnite is a free to play game, and it inspires competition in smaller groups. Therefore it’s harder to kick stop than most video games. While kids will walk away from the Xbox when you tell them to, without any argument, most parents never laid the groundwork for raising their kids that don’t argue with their parent’s judgment. So I am blaming parents for their kids Fortnite’s addiction, but I am also laying a good heap of it at their feet.

Parents Can Do More

One parent in the Bloomberg article lamented that their child is spending 12 hours a day playing games and falling asleep in class the following day. Want a solution? Smash the Xbox. Take ways his smartphone and give him a flip phone. He will definitely whine, throw a fit, but he will detox in a week or two or even get over it. But so many parents want to keep their babies happy, and thus a lady said “bend over backwards” to accommodate them.

Video game addiction is not a new thing. No addiction is. People have been addicted since I can’t remember. Sure, smartphones have added an extra layer to all of this, but kids are being born and raised in an era where a good portion of our daily, functional lives are tied to our mobile devices.

So it is the job of the parent to properly guide our children’s psychological growth within the confine of technology that controls our world. If that means deleting Fortnite and screwing Epic Games out of a couple of dollars of extra revenue in exchange for the mental health of a child, then so be it.

Honestly, the real key here is how good your child is at Fortnite. With it being the most popular game on Twitch, it is possible that your child might be a gaming prodigy and open to making a lot of money. Chances are like most of the Fortnite playing population; they are moderate at best. Best case is that they suck at the game like so many people, so quitting should not be too difficult. Rage quitting is still quitting.

Having gone through this article, what do you think? Are you dealing with any stubborn Fortnite kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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