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Freddie From “the Circle” Said, ‘i Love Being Gay, I Would Never Wanna Be Straight’

The Circle contestant Freddie Bentley, at last, revealed how he tricked contestants into seeing him as straight.

The 20-year-old came second place on the Channel 4 show and came out the closet on an exclusive with PinkNews at the PinkNews Awards on the October 17th, disclosing that “I had to adjust myself in the way I spoke,” he said. “You know—’Lads, lads, lads’—that deeper voice coming into play.”


Sian Owen who also attended the award event alongside Freddie was equally a contestant who finished in third place, expressed her surprise at Freddie’s confession. She said she was “genuinely shocked” when Freddie opened up on his sexuality because she thought he might be the man she needed in her life.

“We got on so well; I thought if I fancy this guy, he’s my soul mate, I’m sorted, I’m done,” she said.

“I was hoping he was going to be a little bit tall, and I’m sitting in the middle when he’s walking in, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’

She also added that “I was shocked, but I didn’t care, because I thought he could walk in a girl, he could walk in old, young, and sexuality’s not something that annoys me or anything like that, so I thought: ‘Fair enough.’

“And he’s come in with such a goal, and I think you’ve definitely achieved it, babe,” she added, turning to Freddie.

Freddie in turn pointed that, “I love being gay, I’m so proud of being gay, I would never wanna be straight, so I’m now happy I can be my true authentic self to my bestie,” and that, “Sian loves me for me, and not the fact that I’m gay.”

Freddie stated during the show that he would like to invest the £50,000, – if he wins-, into a clothing line because “fashion is my passion” but plans to host a show with Sian are currently being discussed.

Sian and Freddie who both presented the Advertising Campaign of the Year award to Kellogg’s shared with PinkNews in 2018 that a lot of people are unaware of the LGBT+ terms and need to get familiar with them.

Sian said, “Not many people don’t understand terms; they don’t give it the time to actually understand what that means.”

“I think it’s so important now to educate ourselves about it.”

Freddie was also of the opinion that, “People need to be educated… we’re in 2018” then Sian added immediately, “Come on baby, catch up!”

Sian, Freddie and other PinkNews Award participants witnessed honours handed out to the best advertising campaign, public and third sector organisations and also the politician of the year, including the Lifetime Achievement award handed over to the LGBT+ charity Stonewall.

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister, Labour Party chairman Jeremy Corbyn as well as Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable also honoured the event.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Shane Jenek, singer and PinkNews Broadcast Award winner Will Young and BBC broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire, among other stars didn’t miss out in the fun.

Oluwafemi Michael is from Edo state and an advocate for mental health awareness.


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