The Future of Networking to Support WFH

the future of networking

When the COVID-19 pandemic began many work fields had to make the instant shift from in-person to remote work.

This included telecommunication meetings, not changing your clothes below the camera view, and no commuting.

Due to flexibility and comfort, many people want to continue remote work post-pandemic.  The future of networking must step it up to match.

96% of employees are advocating for remote work as the next new trend of the working world. With the support of 70% of executives, it can be hard to see past the advantages of remote work.

However, despite its apparent benefits over 94% of individuals are challenged negatively by the demands of remote work.

The Tech Challenges of WFH

Participants on pandemic affect professions reported three main problems they encountered when working at home: speed, security and simplicity. 

Speed of Internet can be a significant hindrance to the online work environment, especially when internet traffic increases exponentially in a short period of time.

35% of work from home patrons have reported not being able to complete their work due to lack of or slow internet. Another 43% reported having to use their phones as hotspots in order to complete work.

Security is a big issue in today’s society in general, the increase in pandemic related internet usage has expedited this issue rapidly.

60% of organizations surveyed have reported an increase in online cybersecurity risks as a result of at-home work environments. 

Nothing about the COVID-19 pandemic has been simple, but the lack of simplicity when it comes to technological integration at home is one of the biggest reasons why worker’s productivity decreases in a work from home situation.

39% of companies reported not having the resources necessary to control security and integration at an employee’s home. 

These three factors contribute negatively to a situation that could greatly impact productivity for companies.

If employees want to work from home then companies need to find a solution to mitigate these three risks so that they can provide the best work from home environment for their employees. 

If employees have the resources necessary in the environment that they prefer and that can keep them safe, then they will offer a higher quality of work output for the company.

It is of the utmost importance that we find an immediate solution to these problems. In order for companies to solve the problem of slow connectivity they just have to make it faster.

This then helps ease the burden of simplicity of integration and even can help promote secure connections. 

Building a Network From the Ground Up

The future of networking provides several services that can ensure that a consumer receives the best connectivity possible for all their work from home needs.

By reimagining the way we connect to our networks, their solution offered by a multi-step plan is the key to meeting employee requests and employer expectations.

By moving servers over to a cloud-based SASE Model, they can ensure clients that their data is securely stored and managed.

This also makes it very easy for employees of a company to streamline their data and internet needs. Since the approach is software-based, there is no hardware involved.

This makes the installation of network access pain-free and accessible to all employees across any virtual platform.

As an added bonus, you can upgrade your security to zero trusts which can aid in the confidence that you have in your secure system.

Finally, it can help increase performance output by twenty-five times the normal amount while also lowering the total cost of ownership greatly.

Their continued emphasis on the customer allows for a customizable and secure experience for all. 

Remote work is not a trend that will disappear, so in order for us to become more efficient, we have to start working smarter.

By installing the network of the future for the three major problems with remote work we can make a safe and secure experience for all.

The Future of Networking
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