How the Galaxy Note 8 “iPhone shade” Ad is winning Samsung new customers


If this is the first time you are getting the news about how Samsung “murdered” Apple in her recently released Galaxy Note 8 ad, it’s totally fine and understandable… and pardonable too. Perhaps you have been away from the internet or tech world for a while due to work or some other pressing issues.

Well, just for reference purpose, here is the ‘shade’ advert:

While this isn’t the first time in business history where a brand take jabs at a rival, this one seem to be quite extraordinary, and is serving the true purpose of a shade – to make light of a competitor and steal customers.

When customers and loyalists of the brand on the receiving end of a jab begin to see the fun in the swipe being taken at your product(s), then something is definitely wrong!

See below.


Now when a shade by your arch rival somehow manages to implant the thoughts of jump shipping in the mind of your customers, you are beginning to lose already!

Yeah, you are toast!

Care to know when you are really in trouble?




When they finally make up their mind to jump ship and make the switch.

…and when they start recommending to others to do the same?

In the past, so many advice have been given against bringing down your opponents to rise higher. Well, Samsung doesn’t seem to care. You know why? Because (according to them), they aren’t pulling anyone down, they are just;

Be it a shade, a jab, a strike, or mere “pointing out of facts”, Samsung’s ship is getting filled up.

And for now, they win.


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