Girls Celebrate Galentine’s Day on the 13th of February

Galentine's Day

For couples, the most important day of the year is February 14th, and it is almost here. But for single girls, February 13th is the day to look forward to; it is called Galentine’s day.

While you leave the 14th day of February to those love birds, the 13th day of February is dedicated to you and the best girls in your life, and it is perfect to celebrate your friendship even though it is not romantic.

This is probably the first time you will hear of Galentine’s day, but not to worry, it is so much fun, and you probably would prefer it to the actual valentine’s day if your single person.

Maybe because you won’t get to be alone, but most especially because you get to have so much fun without ending up drunk and having sex and getting pregnant (it’s not that bad).

So if you are ready for 13th of February, then you can take advantage of one or all of the Galentine’s day tips below to make the day special for you and all your female friends.

1. Go to a concert near you

Every year people look forward to going for dinners but make it different this year and try something that will stick to your memory for a long time.

Something you have not done with your friends before. search for a concert of a bank that you love so much and go listen to them play, or you could even decide to be spontaneous and look for the concept of an artist that you don’t even know anything about and see how it goes.

Get dressed, put on beautiful makeup and let your hair down make sure to dance as much as possible even though you don’t know a single song from the artist the goal is to have fun and make memories.

2. Explore your town and take pictures

I don’t know about you, but I feel the cutest of girl squad pictures can be taken on Galentine’s day, and you can add as many sentimental captions as you can while you get people jealous on Instagram.

If you don’t have a car, you can get one hired or simply take public transport around the town with your friends and just take beautiful pictures of places you haven’t visited before.

You can decide to visit different coffee shops tasting their coffee and chatting, and you can also choose to investigate your town and asked questions about things you never knew before.

As you visit each coffee shop or each new spot around town take beautiful pictures and make sure to have as many emotions represented as possible.

3. Galentines day hiking

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get outside and be active, this is the excuse. Look for a park close to you and bring your girls along so you can walk a trail.

Remember to pack some snacks and nice foods along with you and also carry a hammock so that when you get tired and hungry, you can just chill somewhere and have a picnic.

You will soon realise that nothing feels better than fresh air and some nice chat with friends.

4. Have a movie marathon

If the weather outside is in friendly nothing is better than just closing up in your bed with Netflix. You don’t really have to do much to have so much fun, just invite your friends over, have some popcorn made and then you can load up your queue with some nice movies.

Or even be bold enough to watch a couple of horror movies at night. just ensure that all the film you see new movies because you just might learn a thing or two and even have a new favorite movie.

5. Go check out an art museum

I am sure there are times you would sit with your friends and discuss about all the fun things that you wish you could do if you had the time.

Well, Galentine’s day is the perfect time to bring all those dreams to reality. Look for tourist sites to visit or just go to an art museum that you’ve never been to around you and learn something new you will definitely leave them feeling inspired and geared up to return for another visit or maybe even search some other place for more fun facts.

6. Try taking a dessert tour

If you and your friends never agreed on what dessert is best to have after dinner, then the thing you just may need is to take a desert tour.

You can draw up a list of all the nice desserts places in town and try to search out unique options. At each dessert spot, you visit you can try tiny samples of different sweets you can try doughnuts ice creams and cakes till you end up being overfed at the end of the night and maybe finding a new favorite spot.

7. Spend the entire afternoon eating ice-cream

Show me any person who doesn’t love ice cream, and I will show you someone who sneaks to the refrigerator when you’re not around.

Spend the entire afternoon with your friends going from one ice cream spot to another strolling around town. You can even try making some DIY ice cream at home with your girls get all the necessary ingredients and make as many flavors as possible that way you get to cut cost and still have special time with your girls.

8. Go for a group workout

There is so much fun working out with your friends. You could go for a yoga class or maybe take some maths outside and just do some work out if you live in a warm environment.

This way you get to bond and at the same time stay healthy. You could even decide to workout indoors with your friends all they have to do is switch on an exercise channel and repeat all the moves as shown on TV.

Galentine’s day is not really a famous holiday, but since it is now a thing, there is no harm in telling other people about it and making the best out of it. Besides if we had our way we would create many other holidays so that we can have as much fun as possible with the people we love.

What are your plans for Galentine’s day? We would like to hear them.

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