Get Rid Of Bad Habits with Smartphone Apps


How many times your mom has told you to change your bad habits? You wake up late, have a bad eating habit, or are not a ‘social animal’ at all. Now, you can change your bad habits with your smartphone applications. For instance, you could use an app that wakes you up early in the morning and reminds you of exercises. Given below is the information regarding such apps that you can use to change your bad habits into good:

Smartphone Apps

  • Bloom: It is an iOS app that plays short, inspirational videos. You can now use your own music and pics to build custom reminders. This is a fun way to induce healthy habits. The app rewards you with labels and points for accomplishing healthy, positive things that you set as your goal. It is an app that will keep you motivated throughout the day. With Bloom, you can change many of your bad habits like eating lunch on time, connect or call your loved ones, and brushing your teeth before retiring for the night.
  • The Eatery: It is an app by Massive Health Inc. This app can record user’s eating and drinking habits. This they can do by taking photos of food and drinks they consume. So, this app will help you keep a check on what you eat throughout the day. The app also lets you create “The Eatery” community. You can share pictures and snaps of meals that you take and diet you are following to keep fit. So, it can be your personal food diary.
  • Recall: Do you tend to forget appointment with your friends? Then, Recall is an app for you. With it you can set reminder for movies, music, TV shows, and weekend parties. This app will help you remember any event that you want to partake in. You can customise the app by adding new items to remember.
  • Juice: It is an iOS app that helps you track your energy levels, sleep, and nutrition. According to the app company, it is the world’s ‘funniest’ energy tracker. Now, connecting the dots between your daily routine and energy is easy. It can help you track your health related activities like sleep, exercise, and diet. Juice has an easy-to-use interface that takes just a minute every day to login your updates. It will provide a weekly report to keep you updated of your progress. It will also help to prioritise your health goals for the forthcoming weeks.
  • Lift: Lift is another habit-forming iOS app that can help you get rid of your bad habits and form good ones. This app also features a community where you can share your plans and habits. Updates from friends using the app will keep you motivated. It could be just any habit you want to form or break. With Lift you can stop your nail biting habit, going for your classes late, or eating too much of junk food. Now, Lift is not just an iOS app, you can get all the features on your browser too.

If you have not used such an app, look for one immediately. There’s got to be one to improve your habits. If you find the right app, being “perfect” will be easier that you thought.

Author Bio: Jacika Posener is an educationist and a dictionary app specialist. She writes primarily on mobile learning topics.


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