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Google Assistant Can Now Set Music Alarms and Look Up TV Schedules for You

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Today is the first day of February and the big G (Google) is gracing the new month with a couple of helpful updates to Google assistant. The updates being rendered will enable your Google assistant set alarms to music and look up TV schedules.

Google Assistant

Previously, to set alarms to music, you will normally store the song you wanted on your device. But with the new update, you can just tell Google Assistant to, “set an alarm for 7 AM that plays End Game by Taylor Swift,” and it’ll wake you up to whatever song or playlist you asked for. As simple as that.

In other words, you don’t need to have the song stored on your device. The Assistance works with whichever music service you’ve set as your default, be it Spotify, Pandora etc. Also, you can make use of any music you’ve already uploaded to your Google play music library.

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Let’s move over to the second feature Google is bringing to the table this new month. It is the ability to look up TV schedules. You just need to ask Google, “When is XXXX on next?” and it will tell you when the next episode to the movie you just asked for is on next so that you can fix your schedule to fit into the appropriate time, as simple as that!

You can also ask, “Which channel airs XYZ?” and the assistant will chip in the exact TV channel that’s going to air the movie or the program you requested for.

You can also try other other phrases but two mentioned above works pretty fine.

This is absolutely the stage Google is when it comes to making the Assistant so helpful and so interactive with humans. Apple’s SIRI is also doing a good job so is Amazon’s Alexa. Samsung’s Bixby is also coming up. Let’s hope these assistants get to a point when they can actually help us do and answer helpfully to almost all the questions human beings have on earth.

If you have any of the digital assistants in a device right now and it’s able to answer any question you ask, what will the question be?

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