Google Builds Google Assistant Alternative For Europe


Google has started working on a stripped down version of Google Assistant for phones that will be sold in the European Economic Area in a bid to make the service more popular.

Google was fined by the European Commission after being found guilty of making it mandatory for OEMs to bundle Google Suite into phones, including Chrome and Search.

Google replied to the fine by taking its Google suite off Android OS and instead charge manufacturers for Google App Suite license as high as $40 per device for Android phones going into the economic area. Which means manufacturers will have to pay to get Google Play store, Play Services, Gmail and the rest apps on phones.

One App that Google is willing to make free though is a stripped down version of Google Assistant called Voice Action Services.

Google’s Voice Action Services provides core functionality to support voice-based actions. These components allow you to more quickly perform actions to interact with your device or currently installed applications.

NOTE: Google’s Voice Action Services works without requiring Google Search or Google Chrome app.

According to 9to5google, “Google has confirmed to us that Voice Action Services was built to comply with the European Commission’s decision. While sharing the same UI and features, it is distinct from Google Assistant in a key way.”


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