Google Chrome for Android version 58.0.3029.83 makes offline downloads easier


When I started using Google Chrome for Android (sometime in December 2016), I was shocked to discover that there was no way to save pages for offline reading. I mean, this was a feature that had been available on Opera Mini for Android for as long as I could remember, and I used to use it extensively on the UC Browser apps for a feature Java phone and a Blackberry smartphone I was using then. Luckily for me, an update released later that month added the feature, and subsequent updates have been improving on it.

The latest version of the Google Chrome for Android app, version 58.0.3029.83 has now added the ability to queue pages for offline download when there is no internet connection. Whenever your device isn’t connected to the internet and you try to visit a webpage, you get the “You are offline” message, and now, a “Download Page Later” is present at the bottom of the error message, which when clicked, would queue the link to the webpage and then download it for offline viewing when internet connection is restored to your device.

Google Chrome for Android download page later

Additionally, you can now download web pages without actually visiting them; all you need is a link to the page in question. For example, if you’re reading an article and the author links to another article which you also want to read, but haven’t finished reading the current one, you can just long press on the link and select the “Download Link” option in the popup menu that appears. This also applies to the Articles for you (Article suggestions) section in the New Tab page.

As usual, I made a GIF to explain this better:

Google Chrome for Android download offline pages

Talking about the new tab page, Google has made it more functional that displaying bookmarks and frequently visited sites under a Google Search bar. Sections for viewing recent downloads and offline articles (which have an offline badge on them) have been added.

These new features are imperative, considering that over 45 million web pages are now being downloaded offline on Google Chrome for Android weekly. To get these new Chrome features on your Android device, visit the Google Play Store or sideload it here.


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