Google Introduces ‘Undo Sent Email’ Feature For Gmail on Android


For a long time now Google users have been able to unsend emails from their desktop, but for whatever reason, the Android app did not support this function out of the box. But with the updated version 8.7 of the Gmail Android app, users can finally undo their previous send!

Unfortunately, there is some confusion about hot the Gmail app can be updated to get the new unsend function. It seems that it’s not just a mere update to the latest version of the Gmail app, but a combination of updating as well as a server-side update.

in other words, if after updating your app and you still can’t unsend emails, do a force close then re-open the app. that might do the trick.

I guess you want to know how the unsend function work within the app. after sending a message you will get a notification at the bottom of your screen that says “Sending…” to the far left. And on the far right, you will see a “Cancel” button. This gives you a few seconds to change your mind if you realise you had the wrong recipient in the address line or hit the send too early.

After those few seconds given by the new update go by, if you didn’t hit the “Cancel” your email will be sent, and the recipient of the mail will see the message in their inbox. However, you still have time to unsend the email!

After the message sends, a new notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that says “Undo” to the far right and “Sent” to the far left. The notification will stay active for a few seconds. If you choose to hit “Undo” it will pull the message out of the recipient’s inbox and automatically return you to the draft page.

However, if you neglect to cancel the sending of the email and then also neglect to unsend it, the email will be sent, and you have to figure out another way to deal with the situation.

if you’re desperate to have this functionality and don’t see an update via the Google Play Store, you can always choose to sideload the new version of the app by downloading it via the internet and also remember to try a force close if you don’t see the new feature after sideloading the upgrade of the Gmail app.


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