Google Is Killing Off Allo to Refocus on RCS and Messages App

Back in April when Google temporarily suspended the development of Allo, it was almost sure that the company would kill it sooner than later. And the day is finally here as Google has now gone on record to confirm that it’s shutting down Allo for good.

Yes, Google’s messaging app Allo, which never really took off the way Google wanted, is done for good and it will no longer be available after March 2019. So, if you happen to use the app, you still have until March next year to export your conversation history.

Google Allo

The shutdown of Allow is not all that is surprising. Google is the one to be blamed here as it baked almost all Allo features into its RCS-enabled Messages app like the Smart Reply, GIF support and so much more.

In a blog post detailing its plans for the future of messaging, Google said, “Earlier this year we suspended investment in Allo and brought some of its most-loved-features like Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support into Messages. Given Messages continued momentum, and we have decided to stop supporting Allo to turn our focus on Messages.”

Honestly, RCS makes a lot of sense to me as it will be universal, as long as carriers support it, which means that Google may finally have a shot at competing with the legendary Apple’s iMessage, albeit a long shot.

Is Hangouts Dead, too?

Well, Google is not doing anything to shut down Hangouts at least not yet. However, Google noted that its users would be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet at some point, which is a visible indication that the classic Hangouts chat app that launched with Google+, is at its breaking point too.

Duo is Still Going Strong

Google’s video chat service Duo, on the other hand, is going strong by the day. The app which debuted alongside Allo in 2016, and has since expanded to iPad, Android Tablet, Chromebook and even Smart Displays. Google has been very much active regarding adding new features to Duo. Recently Google added a feature that will give the app the ability to send video messages.

So the bottom line is, Google is shutting down Allo to focus primarily on its RCS-enabled Message app. Permanently, Google wants to deliver a unified and straightforward communication experience for its users. So, the consumers will have Message and Duo, whereas G-Suite users can also use Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for any team collaborations.


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