Google Pixel C Android Tablet Debuts, Runs Marshmallow 6.0


So Google had it’s big Marshmallow themed event yesterday as scheduled, there were official releases of the Huawei and LG made Nexus devices as well as an unveil of what Google had been cooking up by itself, it’s very own flagship tablet dubbed Pixel C.

Google Pixel C

Even though Google do have the Nexus line up of gadgets which covers the mobile and tablets line up of devices, and are usually made by 3rd party companies, Google occasionally decides to let it’s in-house developers and engineers cook up something of their own. The latest of this creation is the in house made Google Pixel C, a fine Android 6.0 Marshmallow running tablet. The new Pixel C is made by the same team behind the Chromebook Pixel, so we can only expect it to be a benchmark for how far technological advancements have come.


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