How to Compare Specifications and Differences Between Phones on Google Search


Google’s relentlessness, their passion to make life easier and one more reason they’ll always be ahead of other search engines is once again on show. Google has been spotted testing out a new feature on its search engine; something they do without publicly announcing. It is a smartphone comparison feature that enables users to compare the specifications of two phones by simply typing the names of both phones, separated by a “vs”. An example, a search for ‘pixel 2 vs pixel 2xl’ should yield the following result.

Google Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL

This makes comparing smartphones a lot easier with just a google search, and a real time saver. The result of the search display the rows of specifications, prices, and user ratings under the images of the phones. The result only shows a few features, but it can be made to display a more detailed table by tapping on the more button. At the moment the feature only works for two smartphones, meaning should you choose to add a third device, the feature won’t work.Google Pixel 2 XL vs Apple iPhone X

This feature is currently not available on mobile, and might not be found on PC either, as it is reported to still be in testing phase. But hopefully, we can expect it to be officially available widely in little or no time.