Habits That Men and Women Find Disturbing and Unattractive


Being in a relationship or trying to get into one can be quite challenging. Despite the efforts many people put into it, some little habits are bound to be in the way.

Some can be overlooked but when it becomes consistent, there is bound to be trouble.

Men’s Habits Women Find Disturbing and Annoying

Most women wish to get married someday and so they start a relationship at some point in their lives.

But even when in the happiest relationship there’s still something to complain about. Below are some male habits most women cannot put up with and they consider them more annoying than cheating.

  1. Addiction to Computer
  2. Coming home drunk very often
  3. Being Stingy
  4. Untidiness
  5. Not paying attention
  6. When he does not introduce you to friends
  7. Non-Punctuality
  8. Narcissism
  1. Addiction to computer: When a man spends more time communicating with his computer and spend less time with his spouse, the woman feel left out of his life.
  2. Coming Home Drunk Very Often: Most women can tolerate anything but not a drunkard in their home. When male starts a habit of regular consumption of alcohol and comes home smelling like alcohol itself. It irritates the female spouse.
  3. Being Stingy: When some women notice their man has stopped spending in the home when he has enough they get upset.
  4. Untidiness: Inability for a man to keep himself clean or when a man regularly throws his stuff around in the apartment, is irritating to most women.
  5. Not Paying Attention: When he stops listening to what she says and stop noticing her body language. It becomes very disturbing to your spouse.
  6. When he does not introduce you to friends: When male go on outings with their spouse and often forgets to introduce her to his friends and starts a conversation with them. The lady feels left out and uncomfortable at that moment.
  7. NonPunctuality: Women are very famous for being late but finds it really annoying when their man keep them waiting. They feel not being appreciated at that moment.
  8. Narcissism: Narcissism is the love of oneself but when a man constantly spends hours to talk about himself without noticing anything or anyone around, it makes a woman really irritated.

Women’s Habits Men Find Unattractive

Some women dress gorgeous and yet they find it difficult to attract the opposite sex. This is simply because there may be one or two habits men find unattractive that you may possess. Below is a list of some qualities men find unattractive in women.

  1. Poor personal hygiene
  2. Always putting on heavy makeup
  3. Criticizing your ex all the time
  4. When she listens to no one
  5. She never starts or leads a conversation
  6. Over-demanding
  7. Always causing a scene
  1. Poor Personal Hygiene: Men are attracted to women who look neat and smart. You won’t be attractive for men if you look dirty and your hair having a strange odour.
  2. Always Putting on Heavy Makeup: Some women feel that putting on heavy makeup will make them look more attractive. But most men nowadays value light makeup and natural beauty more.
  3. Criticizing Your Ex All The Time: Most women make this mistake of criticizing their ex when they’re around their man. Not all men are happy that you’ve had someone before them and most men find this attitude very unattractive.
  4. When She Listens to No One: When a woman feels she’s very intelligent and never listens to what anyone has to say, not even her man. The man becomes irritated and sees her as an unattractive woman.
  5. She Never starts or Leads a Conversation: Sometimes men expects their woman to start up an interesting conversation or lead a conversation and when the woman is always waiting for them to bring up a topic to always discuss they feel bored and irritated.
  6. Over Demanding: Of course a man is supposed to take care of his woman but when she starts making too much demands including unnecessary ones he gets furious and the woman becomes unattractive to him.
  7. Always causing a Scene: Some women often create a scene over little things. This is very embarrassing to men and makes them to see you as an unattractive woman.

If you have any more habits that should be on the list, let me know.

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  1. Disrespect.since men like to be respected most of the time they find it irritating when there women tend to disrespect them and they consider them as non- marriage materials.

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