Hackers May Have Stolen Customers Information From Dell

Computer giant Dell has released an update on its website that acknowledges that there has been a possible hack that may have stolen consumer details.


“On November 9, 2018, Dell detected and disrupted unauthorized activity on our network that attempted to extract customer information, limited to names, email addresses and hashed passwords,”  the company wrote

Detecting the breach, Dell swung into action. “Upon detection, we immediately implemented countermeasures and began an investigation. We also retained a digital forensics firm to conduct an independent investigation and engaged law enforcement.”

“Through that investigation, we found no conclusive evidence that any customer information was taken. Furthermore, there is no indication that any credit card or other sensitive customer information was targeted,” it added

In a separate blog spot, the company wrote, “Though it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell’s network, our investigations found no conclusive evidence that any was extracted. Additionally, Dell cybersecurity measures are in place to limit the impact of any potential exposure. These include the hashing of our customers’ passwords and a mandatory password reset. Credit card and other sensitive customer information was not targeted. The incident did not impact any Dell products or services.”

When asked by CNET to give figures of accounts that were affected, Dell replied, “Since this is a voluntary disclosure, and there is no conclusive evidence that customer account information was extracted, it would be imprudent to publish potential numbers when there may be none.”

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