Hailey Baldwin Spotted Wearing Wedding White

Hailey Baldwin who recently got engaged is already showing so kind of commitment in the most fashionable way. The wedding white mini dress Hailey was spotted wearing on Thursday in New York city was spotless and void of designs of any colour.

You would have expected Hailey to put on as many beautiful accessories as possible to spice up her look, but the model seemed to be in a ” keeping things real simple ” mode as she wore nothing extra shiny except her engagement ring and two pure necklaces. That’s chic and girly if I must add. And Hailey didn’t seem to be joking when she was picking out her outfit for the day as she wore a pure white sporty sneaker that also was void of any extra colour to complete her look.

Only few celebrities have managed to master the art of sporty-but-sweet styling like Hailey Baldwin has done over the years, and Thursday’s look was just a confirmation that she’s good at what she does when it comes to matters of the wardrobe. No doubt it took the model hours to put together this feminine style.

Her spaghetti-strap mini dress looked like something classic from the late 90’s and to give a little 21st-century vibe she thought it wise to add a touch of athletic swag by putting on comfortable sneakers instead of heels or sandals. Hailey seems to have a knack for always having one item she likes around her and this time it was the “J” charm necklace she got from Jenifer Fisher Jewelry.

Since she got that cute necklace, she’s been spotted having it around her neck almost every time. However, the “J” charm wasn’t sitting alone; she added a lariat she got from Kendra Scott to complete her jewellery look for the day.
Hailey BaldwinWe guess Hailey was fully prepared for summer as nothing better suits a summer outing than a dress with spaghetti strap. Plus, white is the perfect colour if you don’t want to try too hard to look pretty in this extra warm season. Hailey sure looks good on that white wedding colour dress, and we can’t wait to see how pretty she’ll look in her actual wedding dress.

By the way, if you’re writing a summer shopping list, including some spaghetti arm dresses of different colours might be the best decision as you just be in the mood for some sexy 90’s look. And we promise not to judge you if you steal the whole style and get yourself cute sporting sneakers in different colours to match all the dresses.